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UFO sightings in Lithuania  

This page contains a few reports about UFO in Lithuania (the state at the Baltic sea, the part of the former so called Soviet union). We are encouragint to leave your notes and remarks on the English homepage of our site.

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UFO at the Baltic sea

On July 11, 1995, Algimantas Orentas (who at that moment worked for the Catholic study on Lithuanian TV) came to Juodkrante to take back two nuns whom had recollections there. Note: Juodkrante (the Black shore) is a small Lithuanian town at the Curonian spit at the Baltic sea (at the west of Lithuania).

On the evening, by invitation of Algimantas, a group of approximately 14 people went to the sea to see off a sunset.

At beach we played by a ball, had our photos taken. A few of us decided to have bathing in the sea. Suddenly, one woman, a catechist, cried: "Let's see! What is flying there!?"

We saw three glowing objects flying in line one after other. Near alongside there flew more of them. They made a form like an arrow. When we looked more carefully we noticed even more of them. One group was of 12. It was followed by second.

They popped out like as from darkness regardless the sky was clear. It seemed that they was invisible when they flew toward us. But when they turned round a 'window' of size of palm appeared. The objects flashed out as lamps of Christmas tree: one, two, three and so… The sighting was extraordinary. We were captivated, surprised and got confused.

Someone of group offered prayers. After prayer we settled down and watched these objects for 20 minutes more.

Algimantas Orentas succeeded to take picture of these objects near horizon. He was sure that he saw UFOs, not planes, balloons or clouds.

When press wrote about that phenomenon, a few people who had saw these objects echoed. Some of them made photos of them and filmed by video camera even. There was written about it in a magazine of Kaliningrad restrict (of Russia). Previously, objects in similar formation had seen in Russia.

Two years later, Algimantas Orentas saw similar objects during his holidays in Preila (the even smaller town near Juodkrante and Nida). They weren't so bright, but Algimantas succeeded to take a picture of them anyway.

Prepared by Cpt.Astera

NSO over the Lithuanian Parliament

In the end of 1999, the Discovery channel showed a film about UFO and various mysterious phenomena. In one of stunning episode, Lithuanian Parliament (Seimas) was shown during events of January of 1991 (attempts of Russia to prevent an independence of Lithuania by force). It was said that there was a filmed matter of Intelligence of Russia (in deep night by special camera). It's possible to see a huge light object hovering over the roof of Parliament. Other episode from film of soviet militia showed that UFO (or something like that) flashed near TV tower.

Prepared by Cpt.Astera's advisor

UFO hovers over Seimas, Lithuanian parliament

Remembrance from childhood

Rhombic UFOs are rare. But there is a story of I.G., a teacher of the house for children care in Baisiogala town.

"One time during my childhood, I had an uncommon sighting. Rhombic UFO flew under the moon in great speed. It flashed by small lights. I remember that its surface was divided by lengthwise and transversal lines. Later I've never seen nothing like that. I keep it as recollection of my childhood."

Note: Moletai is a small town in central Lithuania (the restrict of Kedainiai). Its name could be delivered from word meaning 'a horrible end' ('baisus galas' in Lithuanian).

Prepared by Cpt.Astera's advisor

UFO near the town of Moletai

In the middle of March of 1997, Lithuanian TV at news program, "Panorama", showed an interview with a man who had filmed an UFO on videotape. Unfortunately, I forgot the name of that person. Later, a worker of Moletai observatory was interviewed (also, I can't remember his name). He scowled only. Maybe, he understood that he missed it and he stated he didn't know anything about that phenomenon. It seemed clearly he didn't want to assign it to UFO chronicles.

Note: Moletai is a small town in the eastern part of Lithuania. Its name could be delivered from word meaning 'clay' ('molis' in Lithuanian).

Prepared by Cpt.Astera

Translation to English performed by Cpt.Astera's advisor

We are encouraging to leave your notes and remarks on the English homepage of our site

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