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ASTERA STATION is the Lithuanian Web site dedicated to an investigation of UFO and other unexplained phenomenas. The purpose of this site is to collect the original local reports on every subject of anomality as well as to publish the selected world-wide materials in Lithuanian language.

Growing number of texts cover many subjects including Atlantis, ancient Indian space crafts, atstrology as well as channeled information a.o.

The reports of UFO sightings, lucid dreaming, OBE , energy crystals, and other challenges started to appear from various corners of Lithuania.

The site also serves as the room to exchange information and experience in a very democratic way. The one-line conference is also available free to everybody.

We are ready for all kind of cooperations with the other UFO/Unexpained research centers and web pages through the world.

The readers and guests of Astera Station are dealing with extraordinary dreamings, OBE, distorted sense of time. Some report about contacts with ghosts and aliens. The simple devices or instructions for such communication are also mentioned.

The number of reports on UFO sightings are increasing. It includes distant sightings, flying discs or "moving stars" , objects in a form of capsule, six-angle or cigar as well as blinding light in close encounter stories.

Cpt. Astera. NSO apsireiškimai ir neįprasti fenomenai Lietuvos danguje ir po juo

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Alika 2017 m. liepos 18 d., antradienis, 19:38
I was sitting on the window sill just there few mins ago chilling talking to my friend and I just looked up at the sky and there were hundreds off little tiny silver looking alike dots .. first they going in a huge group like then they spread and started going into different directions then dissolving into more from just one and more they were going in circles really fast and stopping.. it looked like they were communicating with each other or something like it's weird ... I told my friend he thinks I'm going crazy or just seeing balloons but I know they're not.. its night time like 1 am and they're not balloons ... but what I saw is just unbelievable and I just can't believe that I seen it .. I'm abit freaking out tbh it's not funny I want someone to believe me and tell me what it is .. i know they were ufos it's just obvious.. it happened over Vilnius sky in Lithuania few mins ago.. I so wanted to take pictures but I know that my iPhone 6s would just not be able to pick that up .. I wish I had a really good camera .. uhhh and I wish someone understood me
16 th July 2016 -- over Vilnius night sky --
Time: 01:20

????JOKES???? 2016 m. spalio 8 d., šeštadienis, 18:02:25
March 7, 2006: When he cracked an incest gag
According to ABC News, Trump said: “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”
A spokesman later said it was a "joke".

a courageous Shakti 2016 m. spalio 8 d., šeštadienis, 17:58:39
'Babaji once told me that we are always receiving teachings in one of threeareas:patience, perseverance, and holy humility.Thank you, Ivonne, for sharing Babaji’s playful, humble,and loving presence with all of us—his children.'

1 2016 m. rugsėjo 29 d., ketvirtadienis, 02:15:21
The True Sound of Truth
An old story speaks about a similar problem. A devoted meditator, after years concentrating on a particular mantra, had attained enough insight to begin teaching. The student's humility was far from perfect, but the teachers at the monastery were not worried.
A few years of successful teaching left the meditator with no thoughts about learning from anyone; but upon hearing about a famous hermit living nearby, the opportunity was too exciting to be passed up.
The hermit lived alone on an island at the middle of a lake, so the meditator hired a man with a boat to row across to the island. The meditator was very respectful of the old hermit. As they shared some tea made with herbs the meditator asked him about his spiritual practice. The old man said he had no spiritual practice, except for a mantra which he repeated all the time to himself. The meditator was pleased: the hermit was using the same mantra he used himself -- but when the hermit spoke the mantra aloud, the meditator was horrified!
"What's wrong?" asked the hermit.
"I don't know what to say. I'm afraid you've wasted your whole life! You are pronouncing the mantra incorrectly!"

2 2016 m. rugsėjo 29 d., ketvirtadienis, 02:14:31
"Oh, Dear! That is terrible. How should I say it?"
The meditator gave the correct pronunciation, and the old hermit was very grateful, asking to be left alone so he could get started right away. On the way back across the lake the meditator, now confirmed as an accomplished teacher, was pondering the sad fate of the hermit.
"It's so fortunate that I came along. At least he will have a little time to practice correctly before he dies." Just then, the meditator noticed that the boatman was looking quite shocked, and turned to see the hermit standing respectfully on the water, next to the boat.
"Excuse me, please. I hate to bother you, but I've forgotten the correct pronunciation again. Would you please repeat it for me?"
"You obviously don't need it," stammered the meditator; but the old man persisted in his polite request until the meditator relented and told him again the way he thought the mantra should be pronounced.
The old hermit was saying the mantra very carefully, slowly, over and over, as he walked across the surface of the water back to the island.

info 2016 m. rugsėjo 28 d., trečiadienis, 20:36:04
Helland points out the failure of the July 1952 prediction channeled through Van Tassel that life on Earth will be destroyed “when they explode the hydrogen atom” because in November 1952 the first H-bomb was detonated with no such effect.[51] However, the same message also stated that Ashtar was intervening to stop the destruction of the planet.[20][21][52] After the explosion, ensuing messages claimed that various actions were taken by the space fleet to repair damage.[4][53]
After the introduction of Ashtar by Van Tassel, other mediums began to claim contact. The most widely publicised of these messages were met with failure when they predicted civilisations flourishing on the other planets and an imminent landing of space ships on Earth.[54] At one point, according to Helland, dozens of people were claiming contact with Ashtar and presenting conflicting messages.[27][55]
Helland notes that the Ashtar belief system is based on faith in an extraterrestrial celebrity, the concept of which has fared better than the individual messages. The main shifts in content seem due to failed prophecy, which has moved the emphasis from a physical space fleet averting doom, to the more theosophical concept of an Ascended Master aiding spiritual advancement.[56][57] He maintains that the Ashtar beliefs are best seen as a syncretism between the I AM movements and the UFO experience,[34][50] a belief system which regards UFO experiences and sightings as the natural progression of the spiritual development of humanity.[5

every day 2016 m. rugsėjo 28 d., trečiadienis, 20:32:48
Messages from the Hierarchies
New Message from Ashtar Sheran

2016 m. rugsėjo 26 d., pirmadienis, 02:45:59
This may be suggesting to you to acquire more knowledge or to remember wisdom within you to continue on your current path. There are no bad paths or even good ones, just paths to follow.

44447777 2016 m. rugsėjo 26 d., pirmadienis, 02:44:24
The Meaning – Symbolism – Significance of Four (4, 44, 444, 4444)
Sequences of numbers have very special meaning, often dual and/or amplified messages from your spirit guide or guardian angels. Many times, sequences of the same numbers are presented to you to catch your attention, so as to better send you a message. There are no coincidences. Series of the same number may also include subtle message enhancements such as indicated below. Generally, the same sequence of number have very similar meanings but also added meanings to the sequence depending on several factors.
Number 4 – The meaning, significance, or vibrations of the number 4 (four) is Quadratum often symbolized with a square such as North, South, East, and West or Fire, Water, Air, and Earth, Logic, Serious, Work, Will, Discipline, Earthly, Steadfast, Progress, and Responsibility. It is usually seen when one is required to put forth diligent hard work to get the ideas into physical reality. Whatever your endeavor maybe, you must conduct yourself with morality and ethics that will require discipline and steadfastness to progress along this path.
Number 44 – The number forty-four indicates the need for disciplined efforrt to create your dreams. The influence of the number eight suggest that the manifestation is almost here into the physical but the dual 44 indicates much needed focused attention and disciplined effort is required on your part. You know where you are lacking at this moment. Now is the time of a renewed start with no excuses. Start where you are with what you have and move forward. It’s so close you should be able to taste it.
Number 444 – The triple fours indicate that the current work you are putting into manifesting your ideas is on the right path. Continue with the effort. This is a good omen for progress indications.
Number 4444 – This may be suggesting to you to acquire more knowledge or to remember wisdom within you to continue on your current path. There are no bad paths or even good ones, just paths to follow.

2016 m. rugsėjo 22 d., ketvirtadienis, 06:25:27
Galactic teachings and practices to raise your vibrational energy and create a life of joy, abundance, and ease '

2016 m. rugsėjo 22 d., ketvirtadienis, 06:23:33
* Provides direct transmissions of spiritual technology from the Council of Light to activate the 10 Rays of Light
* Reveals that by shifting your consciousness and raising your inner vibration, you can change your daily life experience and manifest the life you want
* Includes guided journeys and exercises to manifest health, wealth, happiness, and purpose and to form a direct connection with the Council of Light
'Through her advanced spiritual work with Thoth, Danielle Rama Hoffman was introduced to the Council of Light--an intergalactic group of thousands of light beings from across the Multiverse. Their purpose is to support individuals as they shift into unity consciousness and return to their natural state of joy. The Council transmitted the teachings in this book for those seeking to accelerate their journey toward health, wealth, happiness, and their soul's deepest desires'.

2016 m. rugsėjo 22 d., ketvirtadienis, 06:22:05
'The Council's teachings reveal that by shifting your consciousness and raising your inner vibration, you can change your daily life experience and manifest the life you want. These direct transmissions of spiritual technology from the Council include activations for the 10 Rays of Light, guided journeys and meditations, and written, spoken, energetic, and breathwork exercises to creatively turn your debt into wealth, transfigure your food into light for better health and well-being, enhance your abilities for interdimensional travel, and return to your natural inner state of joy. The Council explains how each Ray of Light has a specific vibration and application and can assist in removing any blocks to achieving your soul's purpose. The Emerald Ray, for example, activates the signature energy of your authentic and full self, and the Venus Ray, the Ray of Opulent Bliss, supports alignment with abundance and prosperity.
Offering an opportunity to form a direct connection with the Council of Light, this book provides practical tools to move from a life of worry, debt, exhaustion, and isolation to one of joy, abundance, purpose, ease, and connectedness, with a team of Divine supporters to assist you along the way.'

EDINA 2016 m. rugsėjo 22 d., ketvirtadienis, 06:19:23
This is the fascinating tale of how a modern day mystic was telepathically contacted by 12-Dimensional Starbeings from Sirius-B to bring to the Earth a new form of energy medicine. The formal name of these beings is: The Ankenash, Healing Corps of the Ashtar Command, Sirius-B.
The purpose for this energy medicine is to assist humanity with the ascension process, and it works directly on the Lightbody utilizing techniques lost after the High Period of Atlantis and stored in various cultures over the globe in bits and pieces. EDINA energy medicine brings those pieces together into a cohesive whole. The book also teaches the reader how to actually practice this form of energy medicine, and gives further references at the end of the book.

OM NAMAHA SHIVAYA 2016 m. rugsėjo 22 d., ketvirtadienis, 06:03:33
Mahavatar Babaji Stories
Sometimes . . . beating [disciples] with the burning brands of his holy fire . . . Shri Shri Babaji Maharaj was always amiable and full of humor.
[Professor Jogesh Chatterjee, Ysl, ch 3]
What Does Babaji Look Like?
The crux seems to be that Babaji looks much as he himself wants to, appearing here and there, now and then. He often walks about unnoticed like a common man:
A disciple of Yukteswar told that once when she was sitting in Lahiri Mahasaya's company, "a simply dressed ordinary looking young man holding a staff" arrived. It was Babaji. [Ys, ch 3]
Pranabananda . . . was sitting one morning in Benares with his Guru when he saw an ordinary looking man coming from the Ganges and entering Lahiri Mahasaya's home . . . Babaji . . . [Yukteswar] asked about Babaji's age and came to find out that it was almost 500 years. [Ys, ch 3]
Professor Jogesh Chatterjee writes that
We do not know the exact name of Shri Shyamacharan's [Shyama Lahiri's] spiritual Master, but he is generally referred to as Babaji or the Father . . .
Next to nothing is known regarding the life of Shri Shri Babaji Maharaj . . . The disciples of Shri Shri Lahiri Mahashaya who had seen him were all of the opinion that the physical features of Shri Shri Babaji Maharaj were almost like those of his favorite disciple Shri Shyamacharan. Only Shyamacharan looked much older . . . for Shri Shri Babaji Maharaj who is all spirit, and can assume any form at will, bodily considerations are entirely beside the point and therefore he would just assume a form similar to his beloved Shyamacharan . . . There might have been another reason for the different forms which Shri Shri Babaji Maharaj assumed at different times. It also helped to keep his physical identity hidden .

NSO 2016 m. rugsėjo 22 d., ketvirtadienis, 06:00:50
"Child, you must meditate more—
you could not see me hiding behind the sunlight."

2016 m. rugsėjo 22 d., ketvirtadienis, 05:58:43
'Retiring to a lonely Himalayan cave, he remained absorbed in intensive yogi training for years at a stretch, finally to emerge laughing at the limitations of death: He is said to have won physical immortality at the age of sixteen and he went on from there -
This story is a retelling on top of other Internet versions. More can be found in the book Babaji and the 18 Siddha Kriya Yoga tradition by Marshall Govindan.
Age Uncertain, Whereabouts Dangerous
The sources differ widely about how old he is. They range from some thousands of years to six hundred years, and also say he has more in store. Yukteswar's and Yogananda's accounts disagree.
The avatar lives in mountain caves in remote, mountainous areas, Yogananda and others tell us. But he can also live in other places.'

2016 m. rugsėjo 22 d., ketvirtadienis, 05:57:08
There was a very old man who lived for a long time near the cave of Babaji. The old man hoped to get initiated by Babaji, and one day prayed earnestly for it. Babaji would not give it to him. The old man said he would die if he could not get it.
Babaji said, "Then die, if life has become so cheap to you".
The old man jumped from the hills and died. [Ysl Ch 3, retold]
Yes, the whereabouts of Babaji are dangerous too.
What matters is not just how old you get, but how well you live.
Everybody wants to live long, and none wants to get old [Proverb].
One of the most startling differences between a cat and Babaji, is that the cat has only nine lives. Old age is not so bad when you consider the alternatives
[Maurice Chevalier, attributed].

2016 m. rugsėjo 22 d., ketvirtadienis, 05:53:21
"Near the door, sunlight."
YUKTESWAR recounts,
"I visited Lahiri Mahasaya in Varanasi. My guru smiled in greeting.
"Welcome, Yukteswar," he said. "Did you just meet Babaji at the threshold
of my room?"
"Why, no," I answered in surprise.
"Come here." Lahiri Mahasaya touched me gently on the forehead;
at once I beheld, near the door, the form of Babaji ..."
Babaji patted Yukteswar on his shoulder.
"Child, you must meditate more—
you could not see me hiding behind the sunlight."
[Abbreviated tale. More here: Link]
Article by Yogi S. Ramaiah.

2016 m. rugsėjo 22 d., ketvirtadienis, 05:52:49
He has stated that he gave yoga initiation to Shankara [700?-750? CE],

777 2016 m. rugsėjo 22 d., ketvirtadienis, 05:07:09
Things Yogananda Writes
Yogananda says in his autobiography from 1946 and later editions, that "There is no historical reference to Babaji – No limiting facts about Babaji's family or birthplace . . . have ever been discovered. His speech is generally in Hindi – he appears to be no more than a youth of twenty-five – He has stated that he gave yoga initiation to Shankara [700?-750? CE], ancient founder of the swami order, and to Kabir [1440-1518 CE] – "Babaji has been chosen . . . to remain in his body for the duration of this particular world cycle. Ages shall come and go – still the deathless master, beholding the drama of the centuries, shall be present" [Ram Gopal quoted in Yogananda 1946: Chap 33, emphasis added]
"Babaji, who is in divine communion with Christ, gave me the special dispensation of carrying this message to the West," said Yogananda (1982:292). 2016 m. rugsėjo 22 d., ketvirtadienis, 05:02:55

888 2016 m. rugsėjo 22 d., ketvirtadienis, 04:58:44
' Babaji remarked that Kali is the most loving of all the aspects of the Mahakranti for Hers is the most powerful and active. As Babaji states again and again, He is with us always. In any time of need, all we need do is repeat the Mahamantra (Om Namah Shivaya) and call out Babaji's Name.
Kali's four arms represent the complete circle of creation and destruction, which is contained within her. She represents the inherent creative and destructive rhythms of the cosmos. Her right hands, making the mudras of "fear not" and conferring boons, they represent the creative aspect of Kali, while the left hands, holding a bloodied sword and a severed head represent her destructive aspect. The bloodied sword and severed head symbolize the destruction of ignorance and the dawning of knowledge. The sword is the sword of knowledge that cuts the knots of ignorance and destroys false consciousness (the severed head).
Kali opens the gates of freedom with this sword, having cut the eight bonds that bind human beings. Finally her three eyes represent the sun, moon, and fire, with which she is able to observe the three modes of time: past, present and future. This attribute is also the origin of the name Kali, which is the feminine form of 'Kala', the Sanskrit term for Time'

888 2016 m. rugsėjo 22 d., ketvirtadienis, 04:51:27
Mahavatar Babaji:
The Coming of Kali
“One should prepare by purifying the mind and "soul" by learning to discriminate and detach from desires and attachments which are useless. One must do that which will assist one to stay on the Divine path by being sincere in their surrender to the Divine and putting in a constant effort.”
“Only those who follow the Divine path shall enter the New Evolution of Light, Love and Beauty. Those who choose to follow the path of Darkness will not inherit the gift which the Divine can give: a Divine evolution in which the imposition by evil, of pain, suffering and exploitation will not exist. This new existence will be one of Love, Harmony, Peace and infinite Beauty, all an expression of Divinity.”
"Change is the Law of the Universe. Many of you have been going through a difficult period as time and events move into a quickening. You must create a Bridge to these obstacles by living in Truth, Simplicity, Love and Service. Chant the Mahamantra. It is a most powerful force. Be a simple person. Simplify your life. Simplify your finances. Take care of your body. Eat simple foods and drink pure water. Be Alert. Be Aware. I am always with you."

Jerry Biddle Sunday, July 3, 2016, 22:08:57
Luke: Some famous individuals who were killed in auto accidents have been replaced by aliens now half human and have alien. This is a new thing Paul of the Beatles they didn't do this with his fatal accident rather he was replaced by a look a like in Canada. The guy is two years older then the real Paul. They make the transfers in a underground base in PA up above it looks like an old electric plant but below several thousands of years more advanced then above. Justin Bieber was killed in an auto accident two years ago they replaced him. He knows this as indicated on the internet showing his reptilian eyes in court and he's tries to hid this by facing the other direction. His behavior changed also more into acting weird and nudity stuff. This has been going on for some time now why? Good question other then control maybe? (!)\ Jerry Biddle USA

Sunday, January 31, 2016, 21:22:33
"The moon was "hired" from Jupiter's (codification of thoughts) many moons and brought by the Draconis using controlled supreme cold fusion/antimatter "nukes" to this solar gravitational system to sustain ALL life on the planet.
This is why the moon is loaded with craters and the earth which is located only 238,900 miles away was spared. If the scientist ridiculous theory was applicable, earth should be covered with craters also!
The Draconis "The Gardeners of this world" built many solar systems to support their "colonization" of human experiments." I am Alien, UFO Reality

Luke Friday, October 23, 2015, 21:23:21
Started to read those interesting messages again. And also would like to ask your Jerry about the thing I use to read on the internet once and again. Sources tell that late Michael Jackson and many other pop stars were conatacted by aliens and maybe some celebrities are alien-human hybrids themself.

Jerry Biddle Friday, September 25, 2015, 13:43:14
On the Coast to Coast Show which would of made it Friday the 25th of this year the guest said the government is going to disclose the truth about UFO's/aliens. I wish I had a million dollars for every time I've heard this one! Again wasn't I right about September the 22,23 and 24. How does Jerry know this stuff and too why is he correct? Because of what I have found out and too research and most of all there is a pattern about all this stuff! The average person could not handled what I have found out in all of these years. Why? Numerous reasons. Mainly the UFO aliens themselves for starters and the governments which are under the direct control of the aliens. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Thursday, September 24, 2015, 20:37:51
It's Thursday in the USA the date? The 24th of September I should of maybe waited for midnight to say this but it's close enough read my posting down below dated September the 17th of this year. Notice I'm still here and this posting sight is still here. So much for that 22-23-24 deal. I could say and maybe I should I TOLD YOU SO! I do not for most part put stock in as I stated DATE PUTTERS. What I put stock in maybe are things that we all know is going to happen and too can for the most part prove it. I want to take the time to thank this particular posting sight and you who have read the postings I have shared with you. This week earlier I got an emailing from an individual who must of read some of the materials I have posted but it wasn't in English so I didn't dig into it. Thank you any way. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Thursday, September 17, 2015, 22:14:54
It's September the 17th in the USA where I live. Some of the date putters are saying some huge and big and not good is going to happen this month starting September the 22nd up to the 24th. I'm posting this right now so no one can say later on oh sure now that you're remarks or predictions came true only after these dates. So for me telling you now on the 17th and what I have to say comes true then I have a backup supporting my claim. My claim: Business as usual on these dates and not the end of the world on these dates. Some might say oh gee Jerry like we didn't know this! But remember some people must believe this otherwise it wouldn't be seen on several sights on the internet. Now Jerry would like for the fun blow his own horn if you please! Did I not say several different times that the governments would not disclose the truth regarding UFO's/aliens? Ding, ding Jerry gets a blue ribbon! What I have found out in my several years of studying UFO's/aliens, and too paranormal stuff in general why they can not disclose the truth. I'll tell you what I have noticed, studied and heard seen in person. For the most part humans because of schools, science, religion, etc. They are not equipment to handled this type of information. It took me 20 some odd years to handled what my late mother told me about myself in the summer of 1981 six months later she died in 1986 the thing she told me yes I have found out it's true but even with this I still have a huge problem understanding things. Just because you're told things which is true doesn't automatically make you oh sure I understand! The brain isn't equipped for some thing not in the norm of things. So, we'll see if Jerry in the first part of October is correct won't we? (!) Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Monday, September 14, 2015, 04:38:50
I think it's more then fair to say this about UFO/aliens one for the most part hears about missing children and adults which is true. For the most part on those radio talk shows they blame bad UFO/aliens, namely the grays and bad reptilian aliens. I agree on this point to some degree but now I'd like to share some direct information which was given some time ago for a week I was given how to stop wild fires which are currently going on in the USA mainly the western regions. If the governments would take what was given to me THEY told me THEY would give information on how to stop tornadoes. Then in the USA the White House was having problems with would be intruders going over the fence and related more on my own not so much direct information from THEY I came up with a suggestion on how this could be stopped. I even wrote a letter to the USA Secret Service and told them about my advanced knowledge of electronics et. Now here we go on the idea of stopping wild fires, drought, low rivers, floods, etc. This is what response I received a huge big ZERO repeat Z E R O ! The response on how to detect intruders with the White House again one huge big ZERO! Now this makes one wonder doesn't it. What harm would it of taken to hear (read) what Jerry in the USA information he has keep in mind the first one came from THEY and THEY told me things about this situation I would over never thought of. On the Secret Service idea mostly my own idea maybe THEY had put some information into this idea also! (?) It makes you wonder doesn't it! (?) This now to me and maybe after reading this posting it's saying in so many ways that we have good aliens trying to help mankind and those bad ones who seem to enjoy the demies of mankind! How else could you explain this? You can't if one dials 911 USA 119 Japan 999 UK does the dispatch argue and say are you sure this building is on fire even though I have received several calls for this location! Sound weird and funny, yet what's the difference? The stuff I received could be used world wide and too the advanced electronic security could be again used world wide! It's giving the impression that ones currently in control has the advantage of stopping things or putting a lid on it real fast. I just hope and pray that one day in our life time the good aliens who I'm calling on this THEY might have control and some day things might be better then what we're currently seeing and hearing on TV news, radio talk shows, news media in general. (Newspaper, Magazines, internet). It should be interesting to see how all of this stuff works out it's been going on now for some odd thousands of years now. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Friday, September 11, 2015, 21:56:50
I have been wanting to post this posting on this sight for along time now. I'm not going to get into details, nor bash some ones religious beliefs because I'm not into this bashing stuff. Keep in mind I wouldn't want some one bashing into my personal belief ideas or religious system. What I have noticed in all of my numerous years of studying the UFO/alien and too paranormal things is this: One of the main reasons the governments world wide is holding back on telling the truth regarding UFO's/aliens I have noticed is yep you guest it religion. A situation happened in the USA several years ago I won't mention the state because this would give away what I have reference about this is not the main issue rather what happened these individuals some killed themselves because of what happened! Of course you and myself would say why kill yourself? Yes, that's true but keep in mind not all people think like you and me! Some religions feel that only earth is the only life form having humans and in their religious thinking they do not have room or thought regarding the idea of other planets. Now you're wondering why did Jerry bring this issue up? This is one of the MAIN ISSUES why the governments world wide are not going to have this so-called discloser thing! Do you know how many times I have heard this on the CtoCshow by not only this guest they have on a regular bases but others like him! I'm not talking about a year or two no several years now! Yet on National TV you don't see the USA other governments making an announcing about the truth regarding UFO's/aliens. One other main reason is this: Related subjects have occurred that would again be hard for MOST RELIGIONS. Some individuals are realizing things and too putting two and two together thus realizing that life is much more complex then we once thought it to be! I could but the time isn't right for now any way tell you things that you've seen on TV and maybe in real life that some people do not realize nor know regarding that individual or individuals. Yes, that weird that very different for todays standards! Maybe the people reading this particular posting sight would say yeah I think he's on to some thing. But then keep in mind how many people really care for starters and too care? Also the stuff I have found out through the years I wouldn't believed it either some odd 40 years ago or so! So I cannot judge them! I'll give people world wide credit on one thing, that being they're more in tuned now then again 40 years ago! Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Monday, September 7, 2015, 15:58:44
Some people think the UFO/aliens are going to come some day keep in mind my posting down below this gives you some idea how long I have been studying this subject. Are the aliens going to come down to earth? My answer to this question is: They've been here already for some time now!
Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Friday, September 4, 2015, 04:03:23
I have been studying the subject of UFO's/aliens starting at the age of 5 years old this started in the year of 1947 back when they called them Flying Saucers. I've read the comments from this newest posting called Allies of Humanity Thursday Sept the 3rd. I hate to say it but who ever this person is he/she is 1000% correct yes you're reading my comment right again not just a 100% that would be too low rather a higher. You've done you're research and again I agree with you some of this stuff I have personally seen been part of indirectly and seen. Enough is enough yes that's for sure. They tried but failed to have me gone in an auto accident but this failed. Thank you Allies of Humanity for posting this. By the way my late mother would agree with this also. Jerry Biddle from the USA

Allies of humanity Thursday, September 3, 2015, 16:10:01
Do not fall prey to persuasion and inducements from any extraterrestrial presence who is active in the world, interfering in human affairs. Do not believe that anyone is going to come here to save or to rescue a struggling humanity, and see that those who claim to do so are here for their own purposes—to take advantage of humanity’s weakness, divisions and superstitions.

Do not believe that any other race has claim to this world or is genetically bonded to the race of humanity or is humanity’s parents or guides in any respect. This is a falsehood that is being presented by those forces who are intervening in the world today.
Understand why humanity’s allies are not present in the world and that they have a policy of non-intervention, only sharing their wisdom and insight for those who seek to know about life beyond this world. Do not believe that the taking of human beings by extraterrestrial forces holds any benefit for humanity. Understand that these abductions are only for the purpose of breeding a hybrid being capable of influencing governments and commerce and religious institutions, and to also create a network of supporters for the Intervention itself. This is a gross violation of your rights and well-being and a tremendous threat to the future of humanity.
Recognize that advanced technology does not equal advanced ethics and morality. Use humanity as a good example of this. Do not think that those who have gained the ability to travel in space represent any advancement in ethics or morality or religion or spirituality. Do not think that they can teach you anything in this regard, for in many cases, you are more advanced than they are in your awareness of the reality of God and the nature of your own spirituality. Understand that the Intervention that is here in the world today is here to break down human unity. It is here to break down humanity’s ability to be self-sufficient, and it is here to learn as much about human nature, human behavior and human society as possible, thus undermining your discretion and exposing your weaknesses.

Jerry Eugene Biddle Tuesday, September 1, 2015, 04:05:14
Not to be a copy cat that's not what I'm about but if you start reading some of my latter postings you'll see similar situations regarding this latest posting by TONY DODD. My experience comes in the form for the most part young LDS Mormon Church missionaries I asked one who kind a looked human from the front side but when he'd turn sidewise he looked like a gray with a human face. I asked him why are you here? To get new members in the Mormon Church? He said Brother Biddle that's part of it but we're here for another reason. I can not tell you over the phone because you're telephone line is tapped. (Yes I was told this) by a prior FBI Agent who now is with the CIA his special part UFO/aliens. Yes Toddy you're correct last month they tried to arrange an auto accident but I was warned and told the right people who put a stop to it real fast like. Like Tony Dodd I do not know what they are here I can say this much we're having more report of UFO sightings and look what has been happening not only in the USA but too world wide. Floods, wild fires, tornadoes, drought people killing police officers for no good reasons. I could go on and on. If you asked me why are they here? I'd be truthful and say right now I don't know why? Jerry Biddle

cat Tuesday, September 1, 2015, 00:04:12
"...Out of the four different groups, all humanoid, one group was so human-looking, just like us, they could sit next to us in a restaurant, they could sit next to you in a theater, and you would never know.”-Tony Dodd
Told us there were teams of agents tracking down Ets visiting the planet just tlike in the series TORCHWOOD, and either taking them in custody, imprisoning them or killing them.
Along the lines of Ets among us:
"They were the ones that bothered the admirals and the generals the most. That these guys could be walking up and down the corridors of SHAPE headquarters... or the Pentagon... or the White House."
From our first interview with Bob Dean (Part 1, 22:23 mins)
Following the publication of this interview, further information on this subject has come our way. We have also been told in no uncertain terms that this information is extremely dangerous to know or reveal.
We therefore invite you, the reader, to copy and distribute this information widely on the internet, as long as it remains unaltered.
We have named our source John Robie, after the charismatic character played by Cary Grant in the classic 1955 movie To Catch a Thief. The following dialog was by e-mail. We have verified the identity and bona fides of our source.
Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
Let's just say for the record that I'm a retired employee of a major western government. I have contacts in some very high places and have been investigating the areas that Bob Dean spoke of for many years, in many countries.
Can you say what specifically you have been investigating?
I'm now much closer to the complexities involved in the UFO field and the government involvement. There's certainly a serious threat by some visiting UFOs and further problems caused by alien visitors who are integrated into our society, possibly holding high positions in government. These aliens - who look like us - are here for unknown reasons and this is causing many problems for those trying to find them.
We've heard a little about this from Bill Hamilton, and also from Bob Dean, as you know. In your personal opinion: these aliens who are very human-like and are considered a threat, are they a real threat to us, or just considered a threat by the Powers that Be? In other words, are they actually benevolent or malevolent?
There's very little doubt they've been here for many years and they have occasionally had meetings with certain very high ranking people. One very high ranking military officer wrote about one such meeting. These meetings are far and few between and the individual is chosen by the alien for such meetings which take place under extreme secrecy.
These aliens operate above normal government knowledge and they are pursued by highly trained hunter killers of several nationalities who operate to eliminate them. Normal people getting close to the truth of what is happening are getting into very dangerous areas and will quickly have a fatal accident. They will not permit anybody to rock the boat. I was warned I would be killed because of some of my work.
The aliens are highly intelligent and have possibly obtained positions at a very high level and this is of great concern to senior authorities. My information is that the only way they can be recognized is by a deformed finger on one of their hands. To hide this they usually wear gloves or a bandage on the finger as if they have had an injury.
The fact that they look like us and mingle amongst us secretly begs the questions: Why are they here and what are their intentions? Why are they so secretive? There are people in very high places who consider them a threat and have squads out looking for them with intent to kill. This is no doubt why they stay secret. The truth is that we fear what we don't understand.
Have you also learned where they are from – and whether they really do look like us, or whether they have amended their appearance to look like us as a disguise? The deformed finger might seem to suggest that this is their true appearance. Why do you think these beings do look like us - if this is their true appearance? Are they our ancestors, or possibly even our descendents?
It's not known what their true form is. The deformed finger strongly suggests that do not look like us in their true form. Either way they're obviously highly intelligent and far ahead of us technically. It is not known their planet of origin... or if they are time travelers, they've never disclosed this as far as we know.
Do you have any idea what the relationship or connection may be (if any) between these aliens and the various other visitors?

Jerry Biddle Sunday, August 23, 2015, 15:40:38
Vedruss you're Saturday posting is interesting on some of the items you've posted in my research of aliens, religion and the likes I agree. My question to you how did you come up with these comments? You've shown another angle on the subject good for you. Jerry Biddle USA

vedruss Saturday, August 22, 2015, 17:48:50
"The ascended masters teach that planet earth was created by seven ascended beings called the Elohim. The planet was originally created in a much more pure and balanced state than what we see today. There were no natural disasters, lack or resources or diseases. For a long time, self-aware beings took embodiment on earth, attained self-mastery and ascended without going into duality. Yet eventually some of the beings embodying on earth did go into duality, and this has caused the physical environment to become more unbalanced. This has also led to many lifestreams from other planets being allowed to embody here, in order to have more time to overcome duality. " "The material universe is a mirror that reflects back to you (in the form of physical circumstances) the mental images you are projecting with your mind (including all four levels of the mind ). Thus, the imbalances currently found on earth are collectively created by humankind and will only be transcended when people raise the collective consciousness. It will not happen because of some extra-terrestrial power or form of intelligence." "Life on earth was not created or planted by space aliens coming to this planet in flying saucers. Nor will this planet be ravaged by space scavengers on a never-ending quest for the resources they depleted on their own planet. And neither will the earth be saved by space aliens with such sophisticated technology and wisdom that they can solve all of humankind’s problems. Interplanetary travel is possible for lower civilizations over short distances, such as within your solar system. However, none of the planets in your solar system do – any longer – support life in the physical realm. The many theories and even sightings of UFOs are due to the fact that such forms do appear in the astral plane. Some people have tuned their minds to the astral plane and have had experiences that were so real that they appeared physical. There are even places on earth where the vibrations of the physical realm have been lowered so that there – at least at times – is a certain crossover between the physical and the astral plane. This effect can even be reinforced by people becoming obsessed with UFOs and thus actually creating some of the phenomena they observe."

Jerry Biddle Monday, August 17, 2015, 05:46:11
The readers of this posting sight know that I have posted numerous postings and post what I believe it the truth the best I can say maybe the information I obtained might be wrong! If this is the case I'm truly sorry. It's time to tell you what I have found to be the case in my research of aliens. First let us reason together. Let me explain why don't the reptilian and other animals on earth do things that humans are able to do! (?) This brought up several major issues! It wasn't until this month that I ran across the information which would be called the missing link. I told you in the past if I found out some like I'm about to share with you I'd do it. So here we go. This thing about the reptilian aliens with those huge hands and other things got me to really think about things this week I found out what I needed so I'm posting it with the hopes this sight shall post it for you to think about like I have been doing for several years now. The reptilians told how they were created they called those creators masters, and too they we're instructed to go to other planets and rule, kill, eat and just be real bad you know what. Other aliens look like cats, birds, and other animals we have here on earth. Again I don't see reptiles on earth creating a telephone, car, houses and other technical advanced inventions. Why on other planets not here on earth? (!) Now you're seeing what I have been wondering oh evolution didn't let them not enough time! Don't buy into that brain dead idea remember these other planets are older then earth and too earth wasn't even formed yet, so this lame argument wouldn't hold up in court or any other places! Again you'll agree with this if you read between the lines. So what does this all mean? Humans God told Noah this thing some humans are doing isn't right and it's against nature! What things one would ask? Years ago science and religions believed that seeing this thing with a dogs head yet having a human body and too human intelligences they thought it was a mask. But in the 21st Century we know better because of more information on DNA and similar types of science. God of the humans knew these things could have a huge bad effect on mankind! We're currently seeing it now the grays aliens and too the reptilians. Smart yet curl towards humans, other aliens, and too so again I found out themselves the over-lords of their race or kinds. The gods or master of the other planets didn't have the moral values towards humans like our God/Elohim/Jesus Christ. Right now we're stuck with these bad aliens until some thing changes it better just watch the National TV News all of those wild fires, floods, tornadoes but on this issue read some of my prior postings. Not all master human like creators maybe we could call them lesser gods. Some of the weird looking animal like aliens have so they claim has humans best interest in mind. On this one time shall tell. I have mixed emotions on this one! I have seen in person too much which makes me think maybe and maybe not! Right now as it stands it looks like the Universes are out of control. This too could explain why the planet Mars once had human like aliens but the photos that NASA shows depicts this planet dead! Yet millions of years ago had societies maybe similar to that of earth! Maybe the aliens like Nordics and the Pleiadians know this and could be the reason why Billy Miler is told what might be happening in the near future! Don't thinks are happening? Look around why all the missing children, adults! Look at the States in the USA West Coast regions. Lack of water, fires they have so many in case you don't know they're having firefighters from all 50 states in the USA. You might ask why haven't any body tried to kill you Jerry Biddle? They have! I was warned and I told the right sources and they took care of this situation! Read this posting and then read it again you'll see that I'm on to some thing and too remember it took several years of listening, reading and internet and sights similar to this one. Thank you again and too remember I only can read English. Jerry Biddle from the USA

Jerry Biddle Wednesday, August 12, 2015, 06:35:13
Life is weird! Let me explain earlier this week I was doing research on the very thing this particular sight has just posted. Under the name of Dr. Turi what is funny I agree with this sights postings. I don't think these things we are currently seeing and hearing about has always been the norm. I'd like to share some information I have found out. Back after several nations along with the USA started testing the H Bomb it is said which because of what I have personally experienced in my many years now, yes I believe what I have read: Aliens told both Eik and Truman to stop testing the H Bomb because you're opening up other port holes and thus letting bad aliens, monsters and other things into you're level. Reading on history of olden days yes I'd agree with these comments the aliens told the two Presidents. I have done other research on other things which I shall not disclose. I'll tell you why: On other sights not related to the UFO/alien, paranormal rather things more common in todays news. You'd be surprised the bad make fun even though these individuals do not know what they are talking about, etc. So, because of this I used this for a testing seeing's how things could be taken by the general public. My results didn't give me the good opinion to discuss the other things I have found out. I'll tell you this much if you watch USA TV you'd know the individuals I have seen and too noticed. Maybe one of these days I might get into this field and tell more interesting stuff. Yes, because of who I am and what I know some would be bad things could of happened but I have some looking out for my best interest for now any way. I want to again thank this particular postings sight and too for the recent postings put by Dr. Turi August the 11th of this year. Again I wasn't put in shock maybe some odd 20 years ago maybe but now nope! Again I read similar stuff last week. Jerry Biddle USA

Tuesday, August 11, 2015, 22:10:32
Draco's channeling "WE disposed of ‘SEVENTY FOUR’ NASA Scientists in 2 years! by inducing "accidents" to the responsible party.
Mission Purposes:
1 - Induce "accidents" Avoid the proliferation of conductive metal trash disturbing our transmissions, transuniversal ships and sensitive navigational systems.
2 - Stop humanoids wasting resources, destroying earth's vital ozone layer with primal poisonous combustive propulsive technology.
3 - Goal: Concentration on stopping earth depleting ozone layer.
4 - Stop waste
5 - Challenge religious, scientific, entertainment monopolizing matrixes stopping humanity developing cosmic consciousness / assimilating God cosmic Divinity.
Human host's commissioned MJ12's critical messages must be heeded to stop waste, revitalize earth, time running out.
Mission ordered by the Majestic 12 (or MJ-12) - Code name of the chosen ones, a secret committee of cosmic conscious superhuman spiritual leaders, working with Draconians Extraterrestrial officials.
The group was formed by the Galactic Federation Grand Cosmic Order to facilitate, improve and maintain the human race physical and psychical welfare."

Jerry Biddle Sunday, August 2, 2015, 05:28:00
It's August already! This summer has on my part really went fast! I have some thing to share I told you some time ago if I have some thing new I'll share it with you. First I really and truly feel the Governments shall never tell the truth regarding UFO's/aliens. Now I'm going to make a huge statement! I strongly believe the aliens are currently in charge of every country rather small or large like the USA! How do I know this? Several issues some of which I have been personally involved in. I can not for my personal safety get into these things. I'll tell you this much all of these bad things happening to airplanes, ships, and those numerous wild fires shouldn't be happening. People trying to get into the White House again shouldn't be happening. Oh they'll still try but it doesn't have to go as far as it does currently. Now the good question is this who's going to win? Good humans with the aid of good aliens or worse the bad aliens? I have had time because of personal research and again being directly involved in some of these things has really made me think about things like religion, governments, and several other factors! Oh yes I believe there is a God/Creator I'd be the first to say this because you can not create things out of zero life rather it being a small leaf on a tree to a large animal to the more complex life form humans. I have found out by sheer accident not really looking into this subject some time ago about you think that person is dead then either two or more years from now you see them in person or even on TV. This subject I cannot disclose the names of these individuals but if you watch TV in the USA National Channels you've seen them! Is this related to Doppler-Ganger? Right now I couldn't tell you maybe? For sure if you dug up the grave of this individual oh yes you'd see the former dead body or if they we're cremated you'll see the ashes. On the Coast to Coast Show a guest stated what I have stated to you the readers of my post some time ago. This being it was a she. She stated that she thinks ghost, aliens, demons, Doppler-Ganger, time travel, other dimensions are all some way tied together. I have thought this some time ago. The question that you might ask why does God let some people get abducted and worse killed while others it would never happen to them? Oh boy this does bring up a huge big issue. If I really had to say on this one I would say maybe just maybe it was their time to go. I realize this statement brings up several issues also. But right now I can not come up with some thing better. Oh some Bible ministers would say they are not of the Elect Class so they didn't have God's protection! (?) I know what they are getting at but I lean towards it was their time to go. Unless some one could come up with some thing better. I'll say this much about all of this THERE IS MORE TO ALL OF THIS BIG PICTURE THEN WE CURRENTLY UNDERSTAND! Yes we know more now that's true but we still have a big HUGE amount to go! Look on the internet and read about what some so-called reliable sources have to say about aliens, other planets, etc. You'll be surprised. Maybe I'm not I consider the sources. I'll give this particular posting credit they try repeat they try to let us give some opinions the best of what our sources have to give us! Thank you for reading my postings. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Wednesday, July 29, 2015, 17:09:28
I'm going to post what I have noticed and too read, heard. I'll make it short because this subject doesn't need to have a long draw out we'll keep it short. First you read this is the year they'll have discloser on the truth about UFO's/aliens. Other aliens are going to make the bad aliens leave earth. My personal view point to these would be good points are simply this: I don't believe it! Been too long! Show me! Jerry Biddle from the USA area

Jerry Biddle Saturday, July 25, 2015, 10:23:16
To answer that question read some of my prior postings in regard to you're question which was THOSE STANDING IN THEIR WAY. It shall give you a answer to that question. Thank you for reading my postings. I hope after you read the older ones you'll have a better understanding on that question you have asked Friday July the 24th of this year. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Monday, July 20, 2015, 16:45:39
Yesterday which would of made this Sunday in the USA a thought came to me and I'll tell you the truth I never gave this a thought. I told you if I find out some thing new or different I would share this with you. I'm going to talk about an alien bunch called reptilian aliens. These things because it was under my nose never realized what I'm about to tell you the readers of this particular posting sight. So here we go: Looking at the photos mainly regarding the UFO/alien reptilian these things crossed my mind. Look at the so-called hands how could this huge big claw make a complex craft (UFO) but more important then this technical information this is the HUGE big one. Okay they make claim they went down below they make claim they come from the area of dragco which I believe the root word would come from dragon. That in itself sound like a made up word. But here is the stinger! How come they are so-called advanced yet snakes, dragons monitor type alligator, lizards, etc. How come they haven't advanced like the so-called reptilian aliens. Yeah a good point isn't it! So what does this all mean? I'll give you what I think might be the answer they were created by human type aliens several thousand or million years ago to help destroy mankind in other words the grays do the dirty work for the reptilians and the reptilians do the dirty work for the human looking types. Yes, I'll agree that not all human looking aliens are bad. I've had dealings with them personally and what I have noticed they don't let a human stand in their way under no circumstances even to the point of death towards those standing in their way or delayed illness leading into the final death. This gives the impression that the human type of aliens might be in war because of some type of family or relation war. Don't laugh! Instead read this again but this time think about it! Maybe this war could be what some think is in the Bible! Could be? But let us look at it on another angle. Maybe this war has been going on long before mankind on earth ever was here. Until proven otherwise I'm at the point now I'm sticking to this new information which came real fast like, but deep down I have given it some thought several years prior. I have tried my best in studying the subject of aliens, UFO's, ghost, other dimensions, beside those coming from the other side we'll call this doper-ganger until we have a better term on this subject. So, what does this all mean? This could explain why the Governments on earth have a tight lid on this subject of UFO's! Why because in todays standards people could not deal with it for starters, secondly they'd have a HUGE AMOUNT of questions. Again I'll give you some examples why the old war which might of taken millions of years ago! Why the humans are in the between level of this war? Why this and why that! Well this war ever come to a stop? My feelings towards this question even though I don't like saying this NO! I think this war shall be going on another million years. Science is for the most part starting to understand this. I'll explain take the planet Mars it's starting to give the impression that life similar like earth took place again several years. Now look at earth currently you're starting to see similar happening right under you're noses! What shortage, numerous floods in other areas, tornadoes in areas they are not equipped to handle by advanced radar, outside sirens. And the rain let us not forget this! So much rain that people living in these area again are not equipped to handle thus their homes which they thought was in a good area are not going down the flash-flooding areas! So what can we do? I'll give you some pointers of what I have noticed. Don't build a home near even a creek, don't laugh they are the same situation when they have flash-flooding seem little but then they become like a river! If building a house in tornado prone places have one of those new tornado shelters in the basement or outdoors right by the door so as not to have to go too far to get excess into it. What about the wild fires, if you must live in area prone to have drought and wild fires it wouldn't hurt to have in the outdoor swimming pool a gas operated pump with a fire hose. I realize I sound like is he for real? Yes, just watch the national news. Look at it on a reasonable bases if they can afford the swimming pool they can spend another thousand or so for the self fire protection idea. My thinking in the last few years have radically changed towards things in general regardless what the subject is about. I hope this posting might bring some new thoughts and ideas towards what we're up against. Jerry Biddle from the USA

Jerry Biddle Saturday, July 18, 2015, 21:59:03
I want to share some information with you, this summer I have been doing a huge amount of research on the aliens/UFO's numerous sightings as the internet UFO reporting centers and others who do research regarding the subject of UFO's and related things. I want to bring you're attention to the photos that the Hubble satellite bring up close to the plants that some of the aliens years ago stated they are from. Now because these particular planets look life-less for the most part I want you the readers of this sight think about these factors. Why would the aliens tell lies? Are they indeed time travelers? Do they come from another dimension and on their plant they see instead of life-less photos they see what they make claim to their planet with life forms. I have been right so far about this year and the years prior the governments are not going to disclose the truth regarding UFO's/aliens. Why? Because as I have stated prior it's too complex of a subject with not one answer but several along with numerous issues. I hope I'm wrong it would be good to have the people on earth told the real truth about the why's and how comes regarding this subject. If I ever find out the truth and feel it's worth telling you the readers of this particular sight I'll let you know what I have found out. I realize that some UFO investigators have in the past lost their life. This could be maybe normal, oh dead people don't talk or knowing the truth might have a huge effect on ones health. Of course because I'm not that individual I could not answer this question. Until some thing real earth shaking happens I won't post any other information on this sight. Thank you for reading my information and too think about what issues I have brought up and to see if you too come up with the same conclusion! Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Thursday, July 9, 2015, 12:30:51
Answer to you're question what is the difference between Tall Whites and what you're calling draconian tall white resemble the grays but with blue eyes and the larger head they do not like the reptilian aliens. The reptilians color usually are green. Both for the most part do not treat humans too fairly between the two it would be the tall whites. Even the aliens who look like humans some of them treat humans badly. Jerry Biddle

Wednesday, July 8, 2015, 22:43:18
What is the relation between Tall Whites and draconians?

Jerry Biddle Sunday, June 21, 2015, 02:34:59
As to the shooting in the Church in the USA was I surprised nope not even close. What I want the readers of this posting to do first open you're minds, secondly think like an enemy how could I destroy them? I could go in right now and numerous of my in this case aliens would get killed along with the humans. No there must be a better way! Put some evil ideas into their thinking. Make the earths water and food source so bad millions shall die along with sickness that they don't even know any thing about or having current cure. Have the animals turn against them. Have strange things like big foot and similar kidnap children take them to their den or cave and kill and eat them. Work with religions to do stupid things making weird ideas make yourself look weird and total non-sense type of sayings and thinking by the way in the USA this is currently going on. Make things once save hazardous like trains, ships, airplanes, etc. Make things getting too close to the truth either make them look like fools or try and have them killed. Have so-called science people who don't know zero about UFO's and aliens say comments that they just are not for real and too they have never came to earth. Earth is the only one in the universes that have life form similar to humans. Have the government surprise these individuals and make them look either weird or get them put under the desk type of attitudes. I could go on and on some of these things after reading my posting shall see what I have been seeing for several years now. You don't have to be a boy genius to figure out what is going on currently. As to that Church and this young 21 year doing this at the rate there shall be more of these things. Are they working for strict gun control could be it's pointing that way. I realize too the governments can not tell the people the real truth I'll give you an example oh you're son the one that is missing they took him down below using him for slave labor and worse yet food. Oh have a nice day! Yes that bad! We know more about this stuff now then we did 50 years ago. Sooner or later some thing is going to have to happen because things just can not keep this situation up! Thank you for reading this posting and too please do as I suggested in the above. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Saturday, June 13, 2015, 23:09:39
I'm going to make my comments short I've given a lot in the past years on this posting sight some information I've shared with all of you with my findings and research. I HAVE ONE HUGH COMMENT TO SAY THIS WORLD AT THE RATE IT'S GOING WON'T REPEAT WON'T BE HERE 25 YEARS FROM! Life as we know it would radically have to change and maybe just maybe you and others and myself wouldn't want to be here maybe? Thank you for reading my postings I hope that you too have given serious thoughts about the things I have stated. The bad aliens right now believe it or not are winning some times I wonder if bad aliens and what we call the devil and demons are not the same? Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Monday, June 8, 2015, 09:54:31
I'm going to make some comments on a subject I haven't in the past that being Big Foot. In some articles in the past they've showed Big Foot going into the UFO. I have given this subject much thought and what I have come up with might interest you. In certain areas either in the west coast regions are the east they have huge forest fires and yet the fire departments or park rangers never seem to find any remains of Big Foot. Other things other then the Big Foot one see's them and they blink out of sight! What does all of this tell you? In a common not doing a lot of thought to it only could explain it that they come from another dimension. In the area I live we have a path made for bicycles and too walking I do the walking this has happened to me two different times now and I want to share my personal experiences on this one day an older man with his dog came up to me and talked his dog didn't seem to act friendly towards me and he stopped her attitude real fast like he told me he was leaving and bid me a good by. I had a weird feeling and I turned around and both him and that dog were both gone in the blink of an eye keeping in mind that this paved path is long he was headed towards the eastern area. Again another time the same area and a different person talked to me went that direct and blink gone! What I have given some ideas on this is they are from another dimension and that same spot is a port hole. Why have I mentioned this? This might explain things like aliens, big foot and other things not common in this dimension. Russia several years ago had communication along with the USA with UFO/aliens they told both of them they must stop having H Bomb test because you don't know enough about this and you're opening port holes and bring in things in you're dimensions that you don't want. I strongly believe this. When did earth have a huge sightings of UFO's and aliens along with numerous sightings of Big Food if you do you're research you'll see this all happen primarily after World War II and when these two countries started testing on a regular bases the H Bombs. Also you've noticed that these two countries do not test them like they did in the latter 40's and 50's. Yes I know some of you shall remark we've always had sightings on Big Foot and aliens. Yes I'll agree on this. But we're sure having more weird sightings and things more now then back in the years prior World War II. I have also done some research on the hollow earth theory and because of our advanced spy equipment thousand or so high above earth you'll see both the north and south pole regions and too you'll not be seeing any thing that looks like an earth opening. If the aliens are living in the center earth regions they would have to have another means of getting into that area via a cave or some thing similar to this. Because of our vast knowledge and technical advances we can for the most part figure out things more then we could some odd seventy years ago. Yes I believe in aliens and too big foot even though I haven't seen one personally. Why so many tornadoes one might ask? Our winters and weather in general has really changed radically in the last 50 years. Our planet is getting much warmer and with the cold hitting into the warm this is the making of bad weather like tornadoes. Currently the science are saying we're going to have a warmer winter then the last few winters. We're seeing radical changes not only in the weather but too I have noticed changes in peoples behavior some real bad attitudes and too not to friendly the signs of the times. Thank you for reading my postings and too remember I can only read English not other languages. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Sunday, May 31, 2015, 08:48:42
We're now in the month of June yes, this summer has went very fast! I'll be the first to say this. I have been doing a lot of research on the subject of UFO's/aliens. I have come up with several things I have noticed about the aliens that look like humans. First off their thinking is very different then humans. On this line they are all business, they have a form of humor but not like that of humans. They remind me with no offense like German solders during World War II very serious and taking the job or assignment very seriously and too if you stand in their way on some things what I have noticed personally don't mess with them because they can cause things to happen in a bad way and won't blink an eye after they have done the bad deeds. Yes, they have a form of religion I have stated this in prior postings or listings. Do I like them? A good question yes for the most part. I have this down to a science now and I can now spot them and know who's human and who isn't human. This took several years of research and too personal experience being around them. They seem to like me. This is a long story in itself. It's kind a hard to dislike some one that has a good opinion of you and then bad mouth them. This would be a bad attitude of course and too this would show disrespect on my part. For the most part I have only had direct communication from the male aliens maybe some time in the future I might have contact with the females. For the most part another dead give a way they seem to be nicer looking then humans and they don't have tattoos and similar things we see in todays youth and some adults. Not that this makes one bad. I personally don't have tattoos I have enough scares on my body for being a boy outside playing and making things thus casing cuts and scrapes this would take care of one having a tattoo. Right now we're hearing and seeing several reports of numerous UFO's being seen all over the earth. I don't think they are going to wage war on earth. But keep in mind just because I have had communication with the good ones doesn't mean there isn't the bad ones. In my research on the reptilians who rumored they eat humans even some of the lower class reptilians do not seem to like this and they do not engage in eating humans. This is like every thing else the good, the bad and maybe those who are in the middle not really getting involved not currently now any way. Keep in mind if you're going to respond to me you must speak in English this is the only language I understand. I do like the idea that you're reading my postings and trying to either say some thing or asking a would be questions. On the Coast to Coast Show they talk about children who have huge total black eyes and wanting to come in you're house or related things. My suggestion for what it is worth would be until we know what they want and what they are up too do not have any dealings with them. Some have and they turn sick some days later. This of course doesn't sound good I know maybe they're bring sickness with them like the white man did in the Americas some odd hundred years ago or worse maybe this is the reason they want in is for the purpose of bring sickness into you're life, family and friends. I have not run across any of these children not yet any way. Under the circumstance I have heard and read I hope I don't run across them not until I learn whys and how comes about them. Thank you for reading my postings. Yes I know Texas is having its share of floods and tornadoes. I'm not surprised not any more with these weird experiences that the USA and too other countries are experiencing! At the rate things are going I don't think earth and humans and life forms in general well be here 25 years from now! Things would have to change real fast like. I believe I have mentioned in again prior posting some odd ten going on 11 years ago I was given full instructions on how to stop floods, tornadoes, droughts and because of the idea of putting these things into working order would of created millions of employments and good for the world in general. But received zero interest. This of course makes one wonder and too puts up a huge red flag why? How come? This sure doesn't look good and you don't have to be a boy genius to figure this one out! Some one or some ones want earth to be in the current bad shape it's currently in! Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Wednesday, May 20, 2015, 22:44:47
A lot of reports of people and others countries are seeing UFO's on a regular bases. What I have noticed this is the reason for my posting they are getting more bold about it, letting people see them in plain sight like a sports even. Or worse just before some thing bad happens tornadoes, floods. This brings up issues, do they know these things are going to occur at this time? Are they the ones causing these things? I'm going to go to another angle on this. Some people not all of course think this is us (earth humans) way, way into the future coming back and witnessing these event with the understanding they are not allowed to do any thing but watch. Could be? I personally don't buy this idea but others do so we'll go along with the idea until proven different. I'd rather think they are the causes of these things as I have stated in prior postings. No I haven't had any communication with human looking aliens this was put to an end real fast like. Why? Most likely I was finding out too much or better yet I was starting to be able to tell an alien from a human. THEY can put a stop to it all they want but I still do research and several UFO reporting centers send me the latest stuff regarding UFO sightings where the places and related. So I'm not totally being censured not yet any way. A man who studies tornadoes stated we're not having more tornadoes then they did years ago. He was referring that in the past they had the same amount. NO tornadoes is another subject I study and I under no circumstances believe this. We're having more now then we had when I was a child, teenager, etc. We're having them in places that normally don't have tornadoes. So, what's next? I don't like what I have been seeing currently on the news and other things it sure doesn't look good. At the rate it is going I doubt earth and humans would be here 25 years from now unless things change real fast like! Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Saturday, May 9, 2015, 22:27:07
We're all seeing things unfold in our very eyes! What? Tornadoes, floods, droughts, sickness, animals used for food sickness thus having to be put down. This list goes on and on. Now for the bad news this same circumstances happened to other what we could call another earth. So it's not new. God Himself stated earths come and go I just create another one. Wow! Boy I sure wish I had some thing good to say. But right now until things change I'm sorry I can't! What can you do? Be careful for starters. Read sights like this particular one. Study listen to talk show like the one Coast to Coast Show some times not always they have guest that tell about these things. Why are these bad things happening? Oh some would want us to believe it because the earth is getting warmer and related factors. Yes in some ways. But then why all of the lawless we see and read every day! This just might be the answer to all of this situation. What do I mean maybe the aliens feel our science is far to advanced yet we as humans are not matching these advances and who'd want to have these individuals planting others on other spaces planets? Not every one is bad of course. It is said that earth is like a prison and we you the readers and myself are here because in a prior place we did some thing wrong to we had to be sent down to this prison. This idea might look good at first glance but look how some not all people with gold spoons even before being born and a life of luxuries and related! This sure doesn't sound like a prison or worse a earth hell! No what I have gathered it's more then this! God testing us? Could be? (!) Again some thing else? Either way not to be a crap hanger at the rate it's going earth like we know it shall not be here we'll say in 25 years from now! Why? Again look around people and earth itself can not keep up all of this stuff which seems to be coming at a huge fast rate. Some think earth is the reptilians farm and humans are the live stock if this is case farmer reptilian would get a D- on his grade points because if our human farmers took care of their live stock the way they're taking care of humans we'd been dead along time ago by not having enough food and related things. Either way I strongly feel some thing just isn't right and I'm not the only one seeing this. Thank you for reading my postings and too think you for letting me post things I have done research and better yet seeing with my own eyes. Remember if you want to respond to me it hast to be in English only. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Tuesday, May 5, 2015, 05:33:39
To the readers of this posting sight: Every time a huge amount of UFO's are seen in a given area yep you guest it! Some thing goes wrong. Examples: Wild fires, earthquakes, droughts, bird virus as is the case in a mid western region in the USA (Iowa) people missing, illness on a large amount of people in a certain area. People doing weird things. I could go on and on but most of you know these things already. Now what are we to think about this? Several factors to think about maybe they know these things are going to happen and wanting to witness them first hand. Or maybe they know bad aliens are doing these things. Maybe it's these particular UFO's/aliens are the ones causing them! (?) Or maybe it might be some thing that I along with you haven't given any thought or knowledge about currently. Once in a while I'm still getting sent to my emailing address language that I do not understand nor can I read it. You could be saying some thing good that I need to know or you could be saying to yourselves is he for real? (!) Keep in mind, if I do not understand nor have any kind of knowledge on this subject I would not be posting it. I can tell you this much right now. I investigate several other things other then UFO's/aliens. But if you look at the prior postings you'll read them. I have never posted this particular subject that being Doppler ganger which is a German term the other you. I could tell you some of the people who you know are dead yet you see or hear about these individuals on TV or related factors. But I feel it would be best for these individuals and too their families and friends and more then that they themselves. Because maybe they don't know about their death and feel it's business as usual. So, let us keep it this way for the good of them and too myself and this posting sight. Some of you may know already who these individuals are because one Jerry Biddle isn't the only one that has open minds and too a good memory on things yes I know this. Thank you again for reading my postings. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Friday, April 24, 2015, 03:23:48
I was listening the other night to the Coast to Coast Show with George Noory as the host they had this lady saying that UFO/aliens are here to help us through a transformation to another higher level in life. Sounds interesting yes, I'll be the first to say this until I pull you the readers away from the tree so yep you can see the huge big forest! I've studied the subject of UFO's/aliens as indicated several times starting at the age of flying saucers. Enough on this subject you've read this you know it. This has been several years ago to give you an idea starting in the year of 1947. That's along time ago folks! I'm not buying all of this alien BS I was watching the PBS Channel in my area. They talked about the Hubel outer space deal. What did the so-called Pleiadians and wonder boy Einstien say about the Universe? It's always been no creation always been. Nope not on this program last night it is what the Bible and what that TV program called by the same name Big Bang and this program proved it with science. My point I don't believe all of the things these so-called UFO/aliens are telling us! Remember that child story Chicky Little the sky is falling look what happened to them in the foxes den. Yeah now you're getting my point. Start thinking start looking at these things in a real point of view. Thank you for reading this. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Wednesday, April 15, 2015, 20:38:35
I was on the computer last night and I got into this particular sight about the different types of aliens. Along time ago when I was in my earlier twenties I read in those magazines called UFO Magazine, and others similar they mentioned in these magazines I got the impression at the time they were talking to aliens (friendly types) they the friendly aliens told about out in other planets there are aliens they try to avoid because they eat them. I remember this particular article and last night again on the internet showed a drawing of these aliens and indicated they eat other aliens and too humans. In more recent years I begin to wonder do the bad aliens which they have reference to the bad grays and reptilian aliens who are the bad ones that abduct and use humans for slave labor and worse! For food! Along time ago I'd have a hard time with these horrible issues. But because of my religious research I can understand this and too one must realize that when one goes in outer space there just isn't any end to it! Humans are custom to going from one end to another end and thus a stop. But this rule only replies to earth and too close planets. Enstien thought that if you could go in outer space one would come back where one left this is called infinitive that figure 8 laying on it's side. Science no longer go with some of his out dated ideas. So, what is this all about? Just because most humans do not eat humans (some do in primitive societies) but for the most part people just don't eat humans (thank God) but this rule in another planet many if not million light years away they do not have this respect or morals if you please. Do I think there shall be an end to this bad circumstances which has been going on for some odd thousand if not millions of years? Who knows? I do know in not only in the USA but other countries they are seeing UFO's reporting more now then even 20 years ago. Do I believe THEY shall try and take over the planet earth? If I was put to this question with a gun next to my head and had to answer this question I believe no they'll not get their hands dirty in war fare rather let us do it in a settle matter. Drought, wild fires, sickness, turning people against one another weird weather look at how many tornadoes we have starting not only in May and June but starting in the month of March or some times even in winter weather. Let us not forget numerous floods. You the readers of this posting and thank you in advance this is what I have noticed THEY think they are really doing a good job on all of us! But then again just look how many people lose their lives in these weather situations not too many for the most part! So for this idea to be real successful they'd have to have numerous floods, tornadoes one right after another! If THEY think this small amount of disasters is going to get rid of humans they are badly mistaken. What about government employees killing people on a regular bases? Assume THEY are putting this idea in mind set again THEY are again not that successful. I hope THEY do not read this particular sighting! THEY might be technically more advanced then humans yes this is true. But they just don't know humans as much as THEY seem to think when things get rough they (humans) stick together and join in mutual aid and life saving cooperation's again THEY do not understand humans with human love and compassion with others! I hope this information gave you what I have received in my researching's. Thank you for reading this posting and too thank you for this sighting post. Remember I only read English and some of you are sending me messages in a language that I can not read. But thank you for the thought any way. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Monday, April 13, 2015, 02:49:15
It's April the 12th in the USA I do not have any thing to say or report regarding the subject of UFO's but I'd like to bring up some issues only for the readers of this post to just think about: Numerous UFO's reported world wide. Also numerous tornadoes being reported in mostly the tornado alley area. Now the questions are these: Are they causing them? Do they just want to watch and see how humans handled these bad circumstances. Also I've notice not all thank God but starting in the year of 1980's onward on some people real bad attitudes. Not friendly for the most part unless of course they know you. They the people pay more attention to movie stars, singers, TV personalities rather then things that are much more important then those things just mentioned. Maybe the people feel why worry or why think about it we can't do any thing any way! (?) Also all of these mostly children reported missing of course some researchers and former government employees make claim they are being abducted by bad aliens! I know in the USA several have been missing. Then too in the USA National Parks children and some adults become missing some never to be found and what is weird when they do find them they are missing their shoes and socks? (!) Interesting yes! The question might be asked why this? I wonder just what is going to happen next? Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Thursday, April 2, 2015, 23:47:58
I was looking today which in the USA is Thursday they had this sight that shows what earth would look like in the year of 2050 grant you others and myself wouldn't be here in the first place. But I read and looked at it the article was about if the ice in the poles would melt. Now let us think about this for just a minute shall we do you realize how many years this is from now? Look at the advances which has been made with science rather this being communication, media and this list of course could go on and on. Now for you who are very young and would be 50 some thing in the year of 2050. I have some humor things which are based on truth. I'll share them with you. In the 1950's when I was a little boy this is what we heard in grade school: In the 1960's there well not be any more sickness, we'll travel from one place to another in tubes one sucking the tube forward and a blower pushing the tube forward. Every body shall be have flying machines, you'll order food and in this device you'll open it and the food shall be there and too ready for you coming from some distances way! Oh if mankind went as fast as the speed of sound the person flying the aircraft wouldn't be able to hear because he's going faster then the speed of sound! Yep you're reading this correct! Oh and let us not forget this one! People shall only look like they are either in their 20, or 30's at the most! Weird stuff especially when you see some of these actors and singers on TV that are only in their teens yet they look old enough to be their father! I could list numerous things but I believe you've had enough laughs for the weekend! So with the milting ice so if this is true when you put ice into your glass of pop or drink and it milts this means that the glass when the ice milts would run over! I'm I not correct? On the subject of UFO's you'll have to give me credit I told you on this sight several times the Governments are not going to tell the truth about UFO's/aliens so far I have been correct! Why again this subject involves numerous things not just aliens. Ghost, time travel hollow earth, us in general black opts operations. Thank you for reading my postings have a good Easter and too a good spring! Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Tuesday, March 31, 2015, 00:58:45
We're going to do a basic history lesion for those who are either in their 20's, 30's or 50's all of these current things happening every day. Tran accidents, plane accidents, ships, oh and don't forget numerous killings per day and too police officers acting like jerks. I could go on and on! For those of you who are at least 60 years old or better you'll remember for the first part these things didn't happen every day and ever week and month and several per year. I have done some serious research on these remembering when I was a child and too reading in old history stuff. So, what does this all mean? Simple some one wants all of us dead it's as simple as that! If you have read my prior posting listed sight you'll read this. What I'm finding out the hard way these bad aliens have control on every thing you could think of! Before you laugh which I don't think you would seeing that you read the postings on this particular sight. Here is the places with full cooperation: Governments, health care, science, some religions believe it or not. Educational facilities, TV, Movies in general not only Hollywood, some radio talk shows, media talk shows, clubs, lodges, and this list could go on and on! I've got back from the tree one day and wow I've seen the forest for a change! Now does the average person or another statement does the average person part of this well organized system? No they are innocent and too never would give it a thought! At one time if you would of told me this, I too wouldn't of believed it nor given any serious consideration to this. What kind a of got me thinking was a book again I've mentioned this prior it's a book writer back in the 1970's he wrote in the 3rd Edition this book Flying Saucers Serious Business. He told basically the things I just mentioned in the above. It's happening way to often. I have heard on the prior guest on the Coast to Coast Show the bad aliens can control the mines of humans so this might explain why the people who kill hundreds at once might be why they do these horrible things killing hundreds at once. So, I have brought up several main issues now what can you do as an individual? Simple do not take things for granted and think before you do any thing that even you might think is too weird or dumb if you please. Don't fall for the idea oh I wonder if this singer or movie star is going to marry her/him playing like see hear or speak that three little monkey deal! That's what THEY want! I'm currently being a seeing these bad circumstances happening to me as a person! What I'm I doing for starters realize what is happening. Secondly I pray a lot because prayer is very powerful! Also share my bad experiences and too information with the readers of this posting which I'm glad they post them. I did get a reply by the way from the person in charge of this posting thank you for you're reply. I'm surprised both him and myself hasn't hear from the bad MIB's Men In Black. I think it's too late and I'm too late for them (THEY)I'm I hurt the way some of my so-called friends in the past have ignored me? Nope again really read this posting it might explain things that you too are currently witnessing or heard of also! Thank you every one and too the poster of this sight. Jerry Biddle from the USA

Jerry Biddle Monday, March 23, 2015, 23:17:59
Not to much is new other then on a internet sight they indicated some time ago that MIB's Men In Black were told to leave the planet earth. When I read this I thought to myself sure you bet like this is going to happen. I was right on a UFO alien report sent to my emailing told about this guy in the USA yep you guest it visited by MIB's. As I have stated several times prior I have studied this UFO/alien subject for years now. I have seen it going to Flying Saucers to UFO's. Just watching earth to take over earth. It's like a huge big circle going around and around. Again in prior posting I have stated the Governments shall never ever tell the truth regarding the subject of UFO's/aliens. People what I mean by this the average person is figuring out things. I'll share this much and too what I have noticed the aliens are much more advanced then humans by now we all know this. So, what I have I noticed? They are getting people who are dead and then the next thing you'll see this same person on National TV either as TV Producers are making TV commercials like the one currently on TV about this particular car. Notice I haven't mentioned any names these are just the ones I know about look at all of those who might not be famous. So, what does this all mean? Simple a very slow take over and currently we're seeing this happen! Don't believe this? Just read this particular sight and look up other related type of sights. Watch TV programs dealing with this subject. Listen to the radio talk show like the Coast to Coast Show. They have guest like you who are reading this sight and myself who have had their eyes opened for several years now! Why replace humans in the first place one might ask? Oh this could bring up several issues. One they are too violent for starters, one because they are this way do it slowly so we (aliens) won't get ourselves hurt! Why hurt ourselves? No need! Just replace these entertainers or singers, TV personalities and you name it because humans for the most part won't realize what is happening they'll fall fore hit stuff like hook line and sinker! And I must a met they're doing a very good job at it currently. I'm getting some back lash by the way from my religion why? Because I have found out too much! So let us ignore him! Which is what they are currently doing! Yes some members are wise to this and they're not finding this current circumstance funny! Do I fear for my life? Not yet any way! I'm very surprised that these agencies haven't contacted me they being: FBI, CIA, NSA, Secret Service and too MIB's I did meet one of those MIB's several years ago he didn't act like those we've been taught to believe sun glasses acting weird, etc. No he acted very normal but he did indicated he wanted to become my personal friend and call him the next morning which because of the circumstances I declined and didn't take him up on his offer! Don't say oh you're a fool you should of taken up on his offer! I don't believe you'd would either because of several surrounding circumstances dealing with him and this particular alien guy! No I'm glad I did what I did! Do I feel all aliens are bad one might ask? Nope just like humans and animals the good ones and the bad ones! What do I see happening in the future regarding all of this? This would be a good questions and I believe I can give this a good answer: At first bad like it is currently but then when the Jink is up and people are even more wise what's left? I hope this small information might help answer some questions about what I have found out all of these several years now! Jerry Biddle from the USA

Jerry Biddle Sunday, March 15, 2015, 23:55:59
Question; Why are you censoring me posting on this particular one? You have my emailing address let me know why? Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle unday, March 15, 2015, 23:54:06
It's Sunday in the USA on the internet they show President Obama on one of those talk shows and he's (The President) is asked about what he knows about UFO's/aliens and the President states he can not talk about it! Oh gee you reading my numerous posting and my personal information besides knowing aliens and talking about them, etc. Of course the President isn't going to talk about what I have gathered and why's and how comes, this is why he won't talk about the subject: First thing for the most part need to know bases for this he's elected and why inform him? Secondly if I of all people don't know the truth about myself dealing with aliens and the real truth regarding myself why would they tell him (the President)! No folks they are not going to talk about it you'd be surprised how many times with the exception I have been deleted on the internet and other things. I as I have stated in prior posting about what was given to me regarding floods, droughts, wild fires read my prior postings regarding this. Now the Church I belong is snob-ing me yes YOUR READING CORRECT! Why because I found out too much! I accident exposed some thing and the sh---------t hit the fan it wasn't normal after this especially with me! Do I feel in danger? Not yet any way! Knowing what I know it wouldn't be wise for some or some-ones to try and bump me off. Bad experiences has happen related to this situation! If I know stuff I told all of you and this particular posting sight I would tell you share some body hast to that's for sure. So, now this brings up some numerous questions yes I know! Well the Governments ever tell the truth? NO BUT PEOPLE WHO WORKED FOR THEM ARE CURRENTLY TELLING things along with people like myself. I want to thank this posting for letting me tell what we could call technically classified information. If it isn't the truth or I have been misguided I won't post things. Remember I have studied the subject of then called Flying Saucers now of course UFO's/aliens. What I know aliens are just like humans good ones and bad ones! This even happened in Heaven bad angels namely the devil and 1/3 of Heaven came down we regardless of your religion know this story. Do I believe it? Yes, I seen a shadowy thing (male I think) and too had a fight with one some odd years ago when Art Bell was still the host on the Coast to Coast Show oh I won the fight by the way I believe I was in what is called the astro-body at the time I threw his body across the floor I was in bed at the time and it was on top of me bad thing to do on it's part! I hope THEY got the message. There is a rumor that the MIB's have been told to leave the earth. I have seen and read this several times on the internet besides hearing this I believe on the Coast to Coast Show it might be true! (?) As I stated before I had personal experience with a young MIB he was nice looking and didn't wear sun glasses or trying to act in any type of bad matter towards me rather he was sleeping at the time and told me to call him the next morning and informed me he wanted to be my friend! I declined do I wish I would of taken him on his offer? Truthfully mixed emotions on this one! Some days yes I wish other days no it might of had experiences! Who's to know? Maybe the guardian Angel made me decline on this offer. I well tell you some things if I would of taken him on the offer these things I'll share with you: Where do you come from? How long do you live? Do you have sex like humans? What do you call God? Was Jesus Christ ever on you're planet? What do you do for entertainment? What type of a Government do you have? Do you get married? Do you have same sex married like humans? Why are you here mixed in my religion? Do you on your planet believe like I do? What's you're opinion of the grays and the bad reptilian aliens did your planet ever have problems with them? Do you think Jesus Christ is coming down to earth as some religions seem to think? I believe this is enough! I think you're getting the idea want my personal feeling toward this? (!) I don't think he would of told me most of these questions. Remember if you email me you have to write in English only! Thank you posting sight and too you who read my postings. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Tuesday, March 10, 2015, 01:43:24
It's Monday March the 9th I was listening to the best of George Noory Sunday DLST Midwest USA they had this doctor who uses hypnosis on his patents doing past life. While I was listening to this again starting at 2200 hours he told about reincarnation and these different individuals remembering of course under hypnosis past life's. I want to share some serious thinking remember I told you I'd always share information on things so here we go: One of the individual told about going way into the future of earth small families, worlds population very small etc. Now let us look at this way into the future! Yeah interesting yes I know if this is true this brings up numerous issues. This would mean free agency nope! Things are all laid down and we're just part of the play. Then what about the bad reptilian do they eat the babies if a parent has more then one or two thus keeping the population down? Reincarnate come back to earth why? Who would want to come back as either a bad human or a bad alien like the grays and reptilians! Who would want to come back knowing ahead of time you'd be killing good people? Learning lessons is the cry or what is used on this issue. I don't think we need to know how to understand bad guys and gals who kill others! Then we have this why did Jesus Christ die on the cross for our sins if we have to come back and pay for what we did prior. Also if again they see the future if the future hasn't been yet they'd see darkness because the future hasn't happened yet! Now one Jerry Biddle in the USA has brought some thinking issues right now too many! (?) It sure doesn't look good does it? (!) So, what are we to think? I know some what is called EBE's aliens what was described in this prior paragraph they are living this way as told by the guest from the USA on their planet. On the Coast to Coast Show and too some other talk shows including TV they've had these individuals telling what the future is going to look like yep you gest it! It never happened! So, like myself I hope you'll read this posting and too do as one Jerry Biddle is doing we need more reliable information regarding the aliens, religion and other things related to what I have just brought up! What do I believe? SHOW ME ATTITUDE! Thank you for reading my postings and too this particular posting sight. Oh I receive another answer on this sight in a language that I can not read I only read English but thank you for responding any way! Jerry Biddle from the USA

Jerry Biddle Saturday, March 7, 2015, 06:05:53
I have been doing some research on a group of aliens called Deroes, they live in the hollow earth theory idea. What I noticed and what I'm going to share with you the readers of this posting. I was watching on the PBS last month on different religions. I found it interesting. They showed a parade type religious and setting in the chair was this figure made out of either clay painted or what ever. The figure looked human to a point but had a nose like an elephant if you please. I didn't think too much about it at the time. I don't judge or make fun or peoples religions. Who am I to judge others? Now this gets interesting just by chance I was doing some research on the different type of aliens they showed a group called Deroes they looked just like that god of India. This got me thinking real hard like the reason I say this this group of aliens are not the nice guys rumored to abduct and eat humans if given the chance. Then an idea hit me! When religions mainly the Christians and others speak of the devil and hell and if one doesn't meet the standards to go into Heaven they go to this place yep down below! Now maybe just maybe is the devil and these bad aliens are the same thing religions for the most part called demons, devils etc? I must state this not all aliens I have reference to the UFO/aliens are not bad if you read my postings especially on this particular sight you'll read that I have had contact with them. I now believe this or not have this down to a science now! I know what to look for and I can tell the humans and the aliens. I even found out what planet they come from. I haven't posted this because I need to do more research and first believe it myself before I post some thing on this particular posting sight. Do you have any feed back regarding these new ideas? Keep in mind in the New Testament they tell about demons being in the trees falling down on some young new Christians and doing a number on them! Peter was very much puzzled and rightful so! He asked Jesus what's with this? If I hadn't been there these demons would of killed them! Jesus said yes these demons are strong He called them by a certain name which I have forgotten sorry and said these demons you have to pray and have a lot of faith because they are strong! Keep in mind in trees and strong and had physical type of actions not invisible like most demons seem to be in ghost and related we hear and read about! Thank you for reading my postings. Also we're getting smarter and having more and more information about UFO's/aliens then we did back 25 years ago. I mean the average person. I know the main larger Governments like USA, Russia, England, etc I think they have had more ideas and information then the average person. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Monday, March 2, 2015, 22:11:03
We're now in the month of March I wonder what in store for all of us! I told you so. Yep, one of those kinds I told you so. But the point is I was correct they have not told the truth regarding the subject of UFO's/aliens. Why haven't? I study this stuff as my prior posting have indicated. What I have noticed is this: If it was just a case of UFO's and the aliens this would be simple to answer. But then included in this is weird stuff like ghost, astro-projection people being in two places at the same time. This happened to me once! Which brings up stuff regarding what could be called the soul. Then we have monsters and other things I could be putting things down to the point this posting would take up the whole page! Does the Governments know about these things? Yes, I believe they know some stuff not all the answers maybe 90% or less. Does the governments have humans best interest in mind? Some days I think sure do! Then the next hour or next day I think they sure have a poor way of showing it! So, what is next? I'm wondering this also! I have found out several things about these weird paranormal situations and at a cost! Don't think it doesn't go unnoticed! Right now I'm being snub by members in my Church and several other related factors pertaining to this. What's the problem is Jerry Biddle getting to close to the truth? I'm glad this posting sight lets me share the information with you. I have in the past had some weird experiences dealing with the stuff I have mentioned in the above paragraph. It seems the more you know or find out then bingo another weird paranormal thing pops up! Is religion people have correct? Again I have studied this in the form of NDE's Neath Death Experiences some of the UFO researchers believe that aliens are in fact what the Bible calls demons. Could be? But I don't get this impression rather I think aliens are a race of animal life and can be killed. You can't kill a demon! Yes, you're reading this correct you can't kill a demon. You can get rid of them with prayer or related things to this yes, but then they'll go away! Might come back and be stronger then the first time! Are aliens bad? Like humans some yes, some no, some are just watching like earth is a glorified entertainment center. Come down and see this circus! See how it's going to all end! Another idea which I seem to lean towards is this one: We we're the cause of our planet to be destroyed now let us come to earth and take it over. My comments on this until you destroy it like you did yours! I hope this posting shall if noting else get you to think and do some personal researching. Thank you for reading this. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Tuesday, February 24, 2015, 22:27:43
I have read the current internet stating that science has found a planet on the other side of our sun. I read this and I said I already know this! I believe in my prior postings about if you remember or if you're new down load my older postings. This communication took place several years ago. The female alien told me again on my prior postings that her planet here we go! On the other side of our sun. (earth) So, this sure backs my prior statements doesn't it! (?) Now that we know this to be a fact now. I shall describe what she looked like for the newer posting readers. She is what we could call a tall Gray she let me see her keep in mind some of this was done in the middle part of my forehead region. She informed me she was a retired Doctor. Now here goes the information for again readers. 1. She wore a dark blue uniform 2. Had the big head and black eyes 3. Her grandson visits earth in what we call a UFO 4. They live to be 2000 years old. 5. They believe in God know about Jesus Christ but He never did visit their planet. They go to a different Heaven then humans. 6. They don't approve of cattle mutilations nor abducting humans. 7. They have had contact several years ago with humans Government, they don't trust any of them. 8. Her language is similar to Russian and her name in English is Kathoreina what a name. 9. They do have a form of monitoring earth in a form of TV 10. Not to believe every thing on that talk show called Coast to Coast Show at the time it was still Art Bell who has been replaced with George Noory. I told what she said regarding the CtoCshow on the telephone Art Bell laughed and said I don't either. (what some people say being the truth)11. Do not put any stock in that Y2K deal. So this would indicate my communication took place in the latter 20century. 12.She informed me that I have to become famous. (that sounds great but it sure hasn't happened yet) she stated other wise people won't listen to what you have to say. This particular sighting lets me tell things again thank you on that matter. 13.On her planet they only have two children strict 13. Do not eat meat 14.They put on plays and related. The music sounds more like New Age stuff. 15.The government is a full communisum you have you're neighbor has. I have heard this about other planets having this form of a government.16.Our government shall never tell the truth about UFO's/aliens yep she got this right! she had communication with me for a whole week. 17. She informed me that there are bad aliens and good ones.18. Their religion is similar to Mormonisum in some ways I minus Jesus Christ of course. 19. Me asking her: Do you believe in reincarnation her answer was a simple NO 20. Do you like the human race? Her reply some yes some no. 21. She asked because I got to see her remember she was a tall gray if I liked her looks? I said at first no, but after having several communications with you I like you're personality looks thus didn't matter. 22. If bad aliens were go get in war with earth would you help? No unless these same bad aliens tried to do the same thing to our planet. 23.What do you think about the human race? Her: They pay attention to minor stuff and not things they should be paying attention to. What she met is Hollywood, TV stars, recording artist etc. 24. Well I ever see you when I die? No again you'll go to another Heaven. 25. What do you think about me? I like you and I like you're physical appearance. Again you HAVE TO BECOME FAMOUS 26. My opinion on this matter after reading the current findings on the internet I have taken this more eriously of course. She did indicate there are many, many planets and not all of them like humans. I didn't need her to tell me this one. I hope this old yet posting information which now can be substanuate gives you more insight to the UFO/alien subject. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Saturday, February 21, 2015, 00:02:27
I was on the internet earlier this week and came across a group of aliens called KOLDAS they visited earth in the 1960's and 70's. They told the people on earth that there are 10 different dimensions and they some time ago figured out how to come to the other dimensions they didn't tell which of the ten was the planet earth. They thought it was funny that humans put so much stock in the individual whom we call Jesus Christ. Their religion is similar to the Buda religion with the exception they don't believe in reincarnation. On this sight I wasn't too surprised about any of it mainly because of my numerous researches and related. On the Coast to Coast Show several years ago they had a guest that stated humans are more royally and more then we give ourselves credit for. I'm starting to believe this. Some humans really make you wonder but when you think about the billions of humans currently on earth and those we're currently hearing about one must agree that humans for the most part are some thing special. I myself do wonder at times. This could explain why Jesus Christ, Buda and others left their mark on mankind on the positive side of things. I wonder when are the bad aliens like the grays and reptilians who abduct and worse eat humans are going to be gone from earth? (!) They make claim a war between the good aliens with the help of good humans are currently in war with the bad aliens and too the bad humans. I sincerely hope this is the fact! Time shall tell of course! I know some thing is going on! I have seen a smaller UFO Chasing a larger UFO several years ago the larger one looked like Shell Gas logo and the smaller one was like a white ball. This was in the summer back in the latter 90's. For Jesus Christ to be here again some thing special in humans for the most part. Jerry Biddle US

Jerry Biddle Thursday, February 5, 2015, 12:00:11
It's been several years now guest on talk shows saying oh this is going to be the year either contact with the UFO/aliens or the other thing they say the Governments are going to tell what they know regarding this particular subject. As I have stated numerous times and still saying it! It's not going to happen. Years ago I was taught by religious ideas and things in general that of all the planets earth is the most sinful or wicked. In my personal studies again I don't agree with this. Why? Because I have read about certain places in the USA reptilian abducting humans taking them to their planet for the purpose of selling them for food. Now I ask, does this sound like other planets sound good for either humans or some human type aliens. Did the human God create them? Or who? I have some theories on this, but for now lets say that the human God/Jesus Christ doesn't seem to like this idea of what is currently going on with this particular situation. How is this all going to end? And too has this always been the case? Did this happen in our grate grandfathers days with this I mean back in 1900 and even before? Or is this more of a todays modern thing? Again I have some ideas regarding this the A bomb and H bomb testing brought us into another dimension maybe? Either way so far I have been correct on this subject as to the Governments not telling us the real story. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Saturday, January 24, 2015, 10:25:47
The time has come for you the readers of my numerous postings to tell you some things. Why? Because you know I'm serious and too you can understand what humans are up against. I'll give you the first one several years ago it was giving to me while half awake and half asleep some information how to stop the would be flooding that earth and several different countries could stop it. I spent a small yet a lot of money mailing this information to the media. Zero response this would stop wild fires, droughts, make several jobs not only in the USA but too other countries. Then if this wasn't enough I received information on how to stop intruders getting in or near the white house. I wrote to then the lady in charge. Again zero response. Why me? Because I'm into electronics and related. When I was a student in electronics my average grade was A+ if I studied the lessons that studied hard if I didn't I would get just an A. So, put yourselves in my place. You have some one that a high intelligence interested in giving me knowledge but not even a tickle of an interest. What does this add up too one might ask? Simple some one or some ones do not want life for humans having some thing good. If they did you'd think at least I'd get some type of results if they didn't like the information they could say thanks but no thanks. At the rate it is currently going I'd never thought I'd say this I can not feel that the earth and it's people shall be here 25 years from now. What I have gathered some of the UFO/aliens do like humans and they might feel that I would be the one to write and too know the technical information given to me. Maybe just maybe things might change and I'll be able to give the information to those in charge who might take things more serious. I can only hope any way. Again thank you for reading my postings and again thank you for this posting sight. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Wednesday, January 21, 2015, 22:26:00
A lot of UFO sighting being reported in the USA I wonder what this is leading up to? Several years ago especially when they were called Flying Saucers it was rare. Believe me! My late mother and I couldn't get enough about those Flying Saucers article being in the local newspaper or those Flying Saucer Magazines I was in a few of them several years ago. Also I almost started back in the year of 1975 on the local radio station a program like the Coast to Coast Show. I have been advised to keep a low profile and not use trains, airplanes, ships and buses those commercial type they take too long in the first place. I have as stated numerous times the study of paranormal and especially UFO/aliens. Even though I know because of my numerous studies and too my age I even can not figure out what is this all about? Some aliens think they are our god but for the most part I do not agree with this idea. Some of the aliens do not believe in the humans God. I wonder how they think things got created. Are aliens demons? No, because you can't kill a demon with a gun but you sure can kill some aliens. MIB's you don't hear about them like we once did! Why? My opinion for what it is worth! It's too late and to talk to you, others are myself it would be in vain. Too many sights like this, the Coast to Coast Show and other shows airing the same ideas of paranormal. I once in awhile get response in non-English remember I can only read English. Yes, I can sing songs in German, Latin, and some other languages but to be honest I can sing them but I haven't a clue what I'm saying for the most part. Thank you any way for responding. Who knows they might be negative response but I'd never know. (?) So, why all of the sighting? Good question I could not truthfully tell you right now. Maybe just maybe a few months or years from now I might have a handle on this. Thank you for reading my posting on this sight. Also thank you for posting my comments. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Friday, January 16, 2015, 21:29:07
I have been wanting to post this particular information for some time. It's about the Smithsonian's what I have gathered in my personal research and too the guest on the Coast to Coast Show nightly program 7 days a week 4 hours. Some of the guest do not have too high of an opinion of the Smithsonian's. I can understand this because I too agree with the guest. They find articles that would prove either religion is correct or UFO aliens are in fact here on earth and have been for some time now. They collect the evidence and you never hear any more about that subject. What I have found out to be the best is to read this opened and reliable sight and others like it What I have greater in my studies. Yes there are numerous planets out there that have aliens some of which resemble humans. As I have stated several times I have talked and even had them over for a meal. Human looking yes, but there are several factors that sets them apart from humans. Looks, actions, humor which by the way they don't seem to have. Eating habits, how cold weather affects them, etc. The reason I posted this today I want you the readers to be like myself open for debate this is the best answer to this subject which is UFO/alien it's so complex and several different answers not just one. I started studying the subject of as it was called in those days Flying Saucers back in the year of 1947. This of course makes me 73 years old. But if you seen me in person you'd never say oh he's 73 years old. No, this wouldn't happen rather some think I'm 22 years old but this is another story. About UFO/aliens coming down and taking over the earth like we see in those movies or TV programs. I myself do not feel it's going to happen this way! I think they have taken over starting in the 20th Century and currently. So how is this all going to end. This is a very good question. What I can say and thus you'll see for yourselves that this is correct. What we're seeing: Bad weather more floods, tornados, drought, sickness to the point old sickness that I had in the latter 1940's and 50's are coming around again only more deadly then it was in my days. Wild fires, I could go on and on do you realize how many ship and trains, airplanes and other occur per day. Look it up on the internet you'll be surprised I know I was. Frank Edwards in his 3rd Edition Flying Saucers Serious Business brought this out back in the latter 60 early 70's book telling this stuff would happen. Some say the aliens want earth for themselves other think that humans are getting to be too bad in crime, killing others, I myself do not feel this way because when you think about all of the billion people living on earth and those who do crime for the most part we'd have to say humans are just one of God's good creations. I hope this posting on this sight is encouraging to you. Thank you for reading them. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Wednesday, January 14, 2015, 02:15:34
Correction: The name should read Austin Mahone not home. I have done some more research on this, and found out the both Austin Mahone and Justin Bieber are not the only ones that have been I guest you could call this transferred from a whole human to half human and half reptilian. Why? Good questions more control putting them in the face of humans and thus they're nice looking and thus the reptilian aliens just might be good also. Rumor has it I'm a half and half and I was told several years ago that I'm to become rich and famous. It hast to be as this gray alien female stated. Regardless I'm more human and just because some humans are sheer jerks for the most part they're good and I would up hold them. If I get real mad my eyes turn totally black and I can make things using my mind only fall apart I did this once but then I had to replace the long tube white in color fluorance light bulb deal and then I had to put the wood along the door back thankfully they had the extra fluorance light in a box they come in. And too a tools to put back the wood works around that door. Weird stuff yes I KNOW! It's getting to be more common then it was several years ago. Jerry Biddle from the USA

Jerry Biddle Monday, January 12, 2015, 21:35:46
I was doing some research the other night. I just for kicks we could say this. I looked up another boy band guy Austin Mahome and after reading my posting of January the 8th the one below this posting you'll see what I'm getting at they have made claim that Austin Mahome was involved in an auto accident and yep you gest it! They show photos of his eyes thus making claim he too might be a reptilian alien. It could be what do I think? Well I can honestly say I don't know but I'm to the point now I wouldn't be too surprised. I haven't been in the surprised mode for some time now. Keep in mind, UFO/aliens are much more advanced then our current governments and too science. What would be the purpose of this transfer of people like the two mentioned in this? My guest would be power because of the fame and too a means of control, controlling who? You're children. Sound weird does it? Just look at today's teenagers they do some of the things that these rock groups and boy band do. I could mention but we'll do it this way just look at the teenage and the children older tweens I believe they call them. What is this leading up to one might ask. Look at the weather and all of the violence and this list could go on and on. I still receive thank you in advance emails those who read this particular posting sight you're sending me in you're language and again I can only read things in English. I watch those PBS TV shows and even England's language is some what different then things we say in USA English. I do enjoy this channel PBS again thank you for reading my postings. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Thursday, January 8, 2015, 22:23:15
On the internet they show Justin Bieber in court and his eyes turn from that of human to reptilian alien. If this true how it all would of happened I was told several years how this would take place. Justin had an auto accident they show this it happened back in the year of 2011 even shows his body assuming it was dead. They would fly his body to Philadelphia on the top it resembles an old electric plant under this is a join base operated by both humans and aliens similar to Area 51. They would put Justin in the nude on a table and this other we could call it clone on another table using a advanced computer down load his memory and other factors, using microwave and infra-red the process begins. Now they have a human looking person on the outside on the inside he's a reptilian alien. Does he know this? I tried to dig into this but I couldn't nor was I told what they do with his former body. But judging by his turning his head knowing that camera is taping him he must know that some thing is different and thus knowing that he is not the same person as once was. One must remember I was told this base is 5000 and 2500 years advanced then up above. Don't laugh look at the year of 1590 AD and look at the things we're doing now. Remember those old Dick Tracy comic books his radio watch as a child we found this funny because in those days they didn't have the technically they have currently. On the Coast to Coast Show a few years they had this former CIA agent and he laughed and stated: "This Dick Tracy watch is outdated ours is smaller!" So what is the purpose of what the reptilian aliens are doing? I wasn't given information regarding as to the purpose or related factors. I hope the posting on the particular sight helps you the readers of my postings gives you some insight on what is really going on. Some think that the USA President has been operated on he too is being controlled by again the reptilian aliens. My opinion on this would be I don't know? I was told several years ago that both former Presidents Clinton and Bush were told that THEY control earth. The state in the USA this last summer of 2014 numerous news stories telling about both little girls and boys and these adults trying to abduct them even in my area. My advise to all of you is just be careful and to do research on postings like this and too the internet. Also tornadoes are more numerous and happening more now then when I was a child besides other strange weather happenings. We're living in good times yes, thanks to computers, modern telephones and medical science. They still need to work on cars they seem to be lagging and leave a lot to be desired at times. I hope my information sheds some light on things. I have several issues because of things I have been told and too in my researching. But just because one Jerry doesn't understand things doesn't make it correct or other issues! Have a good 2015 which by the way has came in like a lion not a lamb because of the weather and other factors you have been seeing in TV and too reading on either the computer or newspaper. Thank you for reading this. Jerry Biddle from the USA

Jerry Biddle Monday, December 29, 2014, 00:44:03
It's almost the year of 2015. I have never post this subject yet any way! Rumor has it we've had time travel starting in the year of 1937. If this is true. On the internet they have this guy who makes claim that we went into the future 600 years from the 28th Century. Okay, what ever! But lets us the readers of this post which I truly like as you can tell by now. So, if this guy tells this and tells that again assuming it for real! I have some thing tell you. I have given this much serious consideration. If this is true then for him to see the future this would mean that all things are laid out and every thing is met to be! Read this again, it would mean things are laid out. Other wise if he went to the future it would be either blank or total black. Yes, I know it does bring up numerous details. What do I think? Truthfully I don't know? This would bring several issues. Also on the Coast to Coast Show they have guest stating that the Governments are going to tell the truth regarding UFO's and too the aliens. I for one do not believe this is ever going to happen. Have a good year of 2015 boy the year of 2014 sure went fast that's for sure. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Sunday, December 21, 2014, 22:07:14
It's almost the year of 2015! How this year of 2014 has went by! In the field of UFO's I wonder what we'll all learn some thing new? Same old information. We'll see won't we I want to thank those who have made this postings of my 2cents worth. Also you who have read them. I hope maybe just maybe you have not only enjoyed them, but too, have learned things! I'm still learning things about UFO's and too the aliens. Back when I was a child and started to take an interest in the subject of UFO's, back in those days they called them Flying Saucers and some made claim that being what we now call aliens made claim they were from the planet Mars. Now we hear this and we read that! Yes I know ???????? And even this !!!!!!! I still believe the subject of UFO's is so complex this might be one of the main reasons why the governments do not want the average person to know the truth. Also, as to children being abducted yes this is true. I don't believe it's always the aliens abducting them rather a combination of different reasons. I know a little more about the subject of UFO's and the aliens compared to we'll say ten years ago. It has brought up numerous issues even in my life. Rather that being in science, religion, governments and this list could go on and on. Again you who read this posting and too the people making this posting available I want to take the time to say Thank you. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Thursday, December 11, 2014, 21:55:04
Numerous postings on the internet saying things like this place had back in the year of 2000 the reptilian aliens abducted the people took some of them back to other planets for food sale. If this sight is correct. I'd like to put my 2cents worth kind a in the defense of the government this is going be cured but after reading this you might get the idea about things like this I hope this particular sight post this and not sensor it. A little boy goes to his back yard and lefts a rock and numerous ants hundreds of them! Being the little boy he is he starts stepping on them, then he gets another smaller rock and using this to kill them by the masses! What can the little ants do? Run, take cover! Yes I know there are ants that could defend themselves, but this bunch of ants can't they are the common little black ants one sees in the USA. The ants are the humans and that little boy is the reptilian and grays besides other bad aliens. The only way they can fight these bad aliens is what the governments are currently doing join them learn the secrets they have and then some time in the future they'll not be able to do this similar to the little brother and the older brother deal. The little brother has grown up and now the older brother can not hit him or take advantage of him any more. Most of us reading this postings because this shall happen at the rate it is going would take several years from now to fight the bad aliens. Now some would say why didn't God take of Hitler during World War II tell this to those millions of Jews and numerous other yes, with the help of America and other countries he was destroyed. But look how long this took! What about the Angel telling Joseph and Mary leave Harold is going to kill the two year olds and under so they left for several years! Why didn't same Angel kill Harold? I could go on and on with numerous examples. But by reading this I hope it gives some ideas what mankind is up against. I know there are examples where this one was saved from death and so on. This is giving you an example what mankind is up against. Have a Good Christmas and too a good 2015 and thank you for this particular postings sight. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle USA Sunday, November 30, 2014, 01:08:52
To though who read my postings. You're sending me emails in a language that I do not understand. I only understand English, if a person from England or related I could decode what they are saying seeing that I watch enough PBS Public Broadcast System. In my area I watch a lot of English made TV programs. So, if you want to send me materials or a message it hast to be in English. Thank you for sending you're messages to my emailing address. Maybe all of us might figure out things regarding the subjects of UFO and other paranormal subjects. Jerry Biddle from the USA

Jerry Biddle USA Friday, November 28, 2014, 03:01:26
For the now ending year of 2014 I have stated numerous time on this posting sight and other postings sights. That the Governments shall never tell the truth about UFO/aliens. So, I'm going to be one of those you know I told you soooooooooooooo! Why? It's way to complex of a subject in involves too many things. I'll list them for you: Aliens from other planets, aliens from other, other bubble universes, ghost, dopper-gangers, and this list could go on and on. As to the hollow earth idea I'm not sold on this one! Space craft showing the poles, North and South have never indicated this. So, shall we ever know the truth. Maybe by doing you're own research and too sights like this one. Even at that we still have numerous questions. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Monday, October 27, 2014, 21:09:20
Last Saturday I was listening to the best of Art Bell Show on the Coast to Coast Show. The guest told what he for sees coming in the near future. This program was aired 2001. Not one of this so-called items he mentioned came true. The only one who has stated things that have come true is the late Frank Edwards Flying Saucers Serious Business 3rd edition. I have posted on this UFO sight in the past several of the things we are currently seeing by the way. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Friday, October 17, 2014, 23:47:23
On programs like the Coast to Coast Show the guest for the most part puts blame on the NWO New World Order. Yes, I'll agree with this, but I believe it goes higher up on this factor. I believe that bad UFO/aliens are behind all of these bad situations! They tell the President, leaders, Kings, Queens, etc. What to say and do secret service agents told this to both former Presidents Clinton and Bush this. This too would explain why JFK got killed he didn't like this situation and was going to expose it to the general public! I have had as posted several different times contact with young missionaries who are aliens. One of them told me they are here for a reason but he didn't want to tell me over the tapped telephone. Interesting yes, I know. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Wednesday, October 8, 2014, 04:35:15
Yes I know you haven't heard from me for several months now. The computer had over tree thousand virus in it! The anti-virus took almost three weeks to get rid of them! Now what is new with me? Still having communication with young teenage type UFO/aliens. One looking very much human told me he was told by his father when he was 16 years old that he indeed an alien but his father didn't go into details. Do I believe this story? Yes because this has happened so much now I know what to look for and what they said and other things! No, no I'm not going to tell this for sure! On the Coast to Coast Show the other night they talked about Planet X and all of those dire bad things hitting earth. Could be but readers of my posting I don't believe it! Why down under they told about this huge big astro coming from other space and five UFO's came lined up in a straight line and with ray beams zonk, zonk. Several reasons as to why this would happen. This I shall share
1. Protecting their live stock in other words food supply
2. Good guys wanting to help mankind 3.Some thing else. Either way Planet X might have the same help and assistance. Time shall tell I don't put stock in those religions and others like this saying the World is coming to and. Like that Harold Camping who is gone in death. He isn't alone on this end of the world they even talked about this in Jesus Christ's day! Oh boy I wonder what 2015 has in store for all of us. I'm glad to back on this sight. Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

Nike Air Max Tailwind Womens Thursday, September 18, 2014, 03:11:20
A Japanese astronaut, a veteran Russian cosmonaut and a NASA flight engineer prepared their Soyuz ferry craft for departure from the International Space Station Tuesday, setting their sights on a fiery plunge back to Earth to close out a 188-day stay in space. The international crew's return aboard a Russian spacecraft was the first such flight since Russia's annexation of Crimea, the imposition of U.S. and European sanctions and escalating Cold War rhetoric that stands in stark contrast to the close cooperation that has been the hallmark of the International Space Station program.In the latest space-related tit for tat, Dmitry Rogozin, Russia's deputy prime minister for space and defense, told Russian news agencies future sales of RD-180 engines, which power the first stage of United Launch Alliance??s Atlas 5 rocket, will not be permitted for launches of U.S. military payloads.The Atlas 5 is routinely used for Pentagon missions and its reliance on Russian engines has come under fire in the wake of the Ukraine crisis. ULA competitor SpaceX has argued that payments for the RD-180 violate Obama Administration sanctions, but a temporary injunction was lifted last week based on assurances by the departments of Treasury, State and Justice that the sales were compliant.In any case, ULA officials say the company has a two-year supply of RD-180s in hand and it's not yet known what impact Rogozin's statements might have down the road.Both sides say the station program is not affected by sanctions or other diplomatic hurdles and the Russians continue to honor their lucrative contract with NASA to carry U.S. and partner astronauts to and from the space station aboard Soyuz spacecraft at more than $70 million a seat.The Soyuz landing and another Soyuz launch later this month to carry three fresh crew members to the orbital complex highlight NASA's lack of an operational crew-carrying spacecraft of its own and the agency's dependence on the Russians for basic space transportation until at least 2017, when a U.S. ferry craft should be ready for service.That assumes the program receives the necessary funding from Congress and the station program continues to operate smoothly, with the full cooperation of all the international partners. The station cannot be safely operated by either side without the other.The station crew flies 260 milesabove the complex geopolitical landscape and from their perspective, the Ukraine crisis has had no impact on day-to-day operations. Entry preparations have proceeded normally, the Soyuz TMA-11M spacecraft has been checked out and the stage is set for three members of the station's six-man crew to return to Earth.With commander Mikhail Tyurin at the controls, flanked on the left by flight engineer Rick Mastracchio and on the right by outgoing Expedition 39 commander Koichi Wakata, the Soyuz TMA-11M spacecraft was scheduled to undock from the Russian Rassvet module at 6:36 p.m. EDT (GMT-4).After moving a safe distance away, Tyurin planned to monitor an automated deorbit rocket firing, a four-minute 41-second "burn" designed to slow the spacecraft by about 286 mph, just enough to drop the far side of its orbit deep into the atmosphere.A half-hour later, just before reaching the top of the discernible atmosphere at an altitude of about 62 miles, the three modules making up the Soyuz TMA-11M spacecraft were expected to separate, leaving the heat shield-equipped central crew cabin on its own for a northeasterly descent toward the landing site in Kazakhstan.After plunging to an altitude of just under seven miles, the crew compartment's main parachute was expected to unfurl around 9:44 p.m. to slow the descent even more. If all goes well, the crew module will settle to a jarring rocket-assisted touchdown near the town of Dzhezkazgan around 9:58:34 p.m. (7:58 a.m. Wednesday local time)."I was a flight engineer on the space shuttle, but I didn't have my own set of controls,?? Mastracchio said in a pre-launch interview. "Here in the Soyuz, I'm also the flight engineer but I'm actually going to be helping control the vehicle along with the commander."So I'm looking forward to having that front row seat, if you will, and actually helping operate the vehicle."Learning how to operate a spacecraft is challenging under any circumstances. It was especially tough to do in a second language."It's very, very challenging," Mastracchio said. "Being an engineer, I have the skills to learn how to fly a vehicle and how to operate a vehicle, but the language skill was very challenging for me. It's not as easy as it sounds to fly a spacecraft while speaking a foreign language! Again, a big challenge, which made it very interesting to me. "As usual with Soyuz landings, Russian recovery forces were deployed near the landing site, ready to help the returning space fliers get out of the cramped spacecraft

Ralph Lauren Sunday, September 14, 2014, 23:04:59
Posted: June 16, 2004To successfully send humans back to the moon and eventually on to Mars, NASA must implement sweeping cultural changes, transforming itself into a leaner, more innovative agency that relies much more heavily on private industry and international cooperation, a presidential panel reported today. Equally important, the commission concluded, the American public must buy into the goals of the re-structured program and lawmakers must provide steady funding over the next two decades and beyond to turn the dream into reality."This is a tremendous thing for NASA," said panel chairman Edward "Pete" Aldridge Jr., a former Air Force secretary. For years, they didn't have a direction (like the one) clearly articulated by the president now. And it's got to be multiple presidents. This has got to last through 10 presidential terms, at least. ... It's got to be sustainable over a long period of tiem."The sustainability issue is very critical," he added. "The American people have to achieve ownership of this. And they have to be shown the value of the space program to their way of life. "The President's Commission on Implementation of United States Space Exploration Policy was created by executive order on Jan. 27, two weeks after President Bush unveiled his new moon-Mars initiative in a Jan. 14 speech at NASA headquarters. The president called for sending robots and then astronauts back to the moon between 2015 and 2020 and eventually, on to Mars. As part of that plan, the space shuttle will be retired by 2010, or whenever assembly of the international space station is complete, and NASA will develop a new manned spacecraft capable of carrying astronauts to and from low-Earth orbit and on into deep space.The moon-Mars initiative resulted in part from criticism by the Columbia Accident Investigation Board that pointed to a lack of clear, long-range goals in the space program that contributed in part to the shuttle disaster.The Aldridge commission was given 120 days to come up with a set of recommendations for turning the president's vision into reality. Today, the results of that work - a 60-page report built around eight findings and 14 recommendations - was presented to Vice President Cheney at the White House. A key theme in the report is the need for NASA to cut its managerial ties to the past and to develop a new approach to conducting business on the high frontier. "We conclude that fundamental changes must take place in how the nation approaches space exploration and manages the vision for success," Aldridge said in a cover letter to President Bush."This national effort calls for a transformation of NASA, building a robust international space industry, a discovery-based science agenda and educational initiatives to support youth and teachers inspired by the vision."

Jerry Biddle Thursday, May 22, 2014, 22:08:29
If I was a alien race and wanted to over you're planet (earth) how would I do it? Simple! I would do the things that all of us are currently seeing that's how! We'd make the average person think more about I wonder who's going to win that music contest on national TV. Let us have attitudes in general towards one another. Let us have floods, tornados and numerous other diseases and not forget let the animals that once feared mankind turn on them. Let's have wars and too, let other countries get involved in them so several of the military guys/gals either get killed or injured. Let us think we're all nice looking and thinking we're the next movie star or maybe a major recording artist even though we couldn't carry a tune in a bucket. Any thing to get the attention away from what we are currently doing! Slowly yet effectively taking over you're planet. With this in mind, do I think earth as we know it shall be here 25 years from now? NO! I wouldn't give it that long! I'm very sorry to say all of the above! Maybe just maybe at least one or more might read this postings and see what I have been seeing for several years now! I realize I'm not the only one seeing these things! Humans are not that dumb yes I know. I wish some of you readers would post information you're noticing also! Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Thursday, May 15, 2014, 02:15:51
I was listening to the Coast to Coast Show last night, they guest made remarks about things which I disagree. First he said if you say in the name of Jesus (Jesus Christ). Yes I agree or should I say I believe in Jesus Christ if you read my prior postings. But, repeat this doesn't always work especially if the bad aliens are of the reptilian type. Yes this seems to offend them but it can have bad results for the individual who has been abducted. He the guest indicated that all aliens are demons. In my many years of study I get the impression they come from other planets, other dimensions and so on. No I don't believe they are us coming back from the future, no I do not believe they are demons. Demons as Bible readers know are falling angels, they don't need a craft like a UFO to get around. What I strongly believe they come from another area that for the most part do not respect our God (Elohim/Jesus Christ) some aliens like the Pleiadians they believe in creation but not a creator we have humans believing this same idea or course. Demons don't eat humans as it is stated both the grays and reptilians seem to do. So, what is going to happen in the future? Good question I can see it go several ways on this issue. As to the Freemasons as again the guest last night state they are wanting the NWO New World Order. The majority of Masons could care less about making the World go the way some think Masons are blamed currently. I'm a Freemason do you know what they do in the Lodge? Play pool, cards talk about so and so going to have the 2nd degree I have been a Freemason starting in the year of 1981 grant it some so-called Freemason are far from being Saints. Some of them are sheer jerks! I know some! But look at the others up building individuals just trying to make the USA and other countries the resided in for the betterment for mankind. Then the guest bashed the latest Pope, George Noory corrected him on this matter. I'm not a Catholic any more again read my prior postings. What I gather from this Pope he's trying to correct problems with in the Church and he seems to be a common acting good guy for what I can gather! So, yes I like him. I have done some research on Grays do not want to come to earth because they are afraid of the devil himself! Sure doesn't sound like the work of demons! This bad circumstance about bad aliens have most likely have been doing these bad ideas for years now! Again what I have been noticing these bad aliens are just bad aliens with little or no respect for mankind! But this is true about some humans who eat other humans for food doing this currently so, what can we do? Read do the research and don't believe every thing we hear about aliens good or bad. Think and research. I do! I had communication with aliens in the past one stated about the Coast to Coast Show they monitor it and she told me don't believe every thing you hear Art Bell on the air when I told him this he laughed and said I don't either. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Saturday, May 10, 2014, 07:33:05
I have been reading on several UFO/alien sights and some of them are trying to say the bad aliens are in fact the good guys. People don't believe this stuff! As I have stated some UFO/alien are bad the only reason they like humans as I see it is for food/slave labor and for their own self-centered interest. I have had direct communication with aliens looking very much like humans the average person would never ever figure out they are not humans. But after a while studies on this situation you can tell who is who and who isn't etc. I have asked in the past why are you here? They say oh you're telephone is tapped so they decline on the answer. Interesting yes I know. So, what do I suggest? Think read and listen! Like I have all of these years now. Do I trust the governments currently? Nope sorry! I have seen and heard too much my view points in general have really changed. I feel this shall happen to some of you either in a few months or years the more you get into things you'll see what I'm getting at. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Monday, May 5, 2014, 01:10:18
Numerous train accidents along with ships, air-planes and you name again as I have told you who read my postings this was told by the late Frank Edwards, Flying Saucers Serious Business 3rd Edition. I have lived several years now old but don't look it that's another story in itself. He said in this book publication the stuff that all of us are currently seeing now. Now on the computer I read a posting not on this one they indicated that humans shall join up with the reptilian aliens and fight the grays. I have read in the past the other way around humans helping the grays, because the reptilian kill and eat humans and too the grays are not liking the idea of bei ng used and controlled by the reptilians. Personally myself I don't trust either one of them! Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Friday, April 25, 2014, 22:55:46
What I'm seeing currently is this: A secret war is currently going between bad aliens and the good ones. Higher ups in the Governments know about this. I heard one time what this agency name is, it's not the FBI nor the CIA,NSA etc. What I have noticed in general peoples attitude has really changed. This all started in the latter 1980's. Doubt it? Watch TV or read the newspaper. Folks it wasn't this way several years ago. Fires I took a personal inventory of my former neighborhood when I was a young teenage my late parents move to a new house I could count on my fingers the amount of fires we had in those days. Now not only is there numerous fires, but too! People are getting killed in these particular fires! Every week, each day not only in the USA in general but in my State. Shootings and stabbings common now a days. So, what could this mean? Is it because of the economy some yes, but look at those teenagers who are killing others in schools. I have monitored this, they're not the poor of poor's rather either middle class or upper middle class. Because they are bully is the reason. Now again folks who in school when you we're younger didn't get bullied in some way including myself! But we didn't go back to school and shoot every body up! Now on these lines, I can tell you this, I do not believe what all those UFO/aliens are saying is going to happen, nor do I believe all the guest on that Coast to Coast Show using remote viewing! Why? Because it hasn't happened! This stuff comes back void. In some cases I'm glad! So, what do you do? Read, research, investigate and if needed takes notes if you believe you're memory isn't going to remember all of these comments. I even though I'm technically old I still have a good memory on what others are saying. The stuff they make claim how could you forget? (!) Wow, so, do I believe some weird is going on? Yes but it is so settle that unless you're standing away from the tree you'll not see the forest. Yes, I know this old saying has been used numerous times. What can you do for it? I try and void places like bars even though I don't drink who has karaoke why? Simple again, bar fights, shootings etc. I pay close attention on who is running for the particular office and if see this individual is a jerk nope I don't vote for him/her. Simple things can make ones life a lot easier with out so much on wanted trauma. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Wednesday, April 16, 2014, 08:41:43
The other night I was listening to the Coast To Coast Show who had a guest and stated that UFO/aliens are humans 54 thousand years from now returning back to earth. I have studied the subject of UFO's for several long years now. What I have found is this: I do not buy this story, several reasons one there isn't any physical evidence to prove this idea. If it was to found truth I'd be the first to be very surprised. What I have found to be the answer is this: Many eon of years they got the bright idea of getting rid on their planet animals because animals can turn on you. Yes I agree but when you get the an idea like this you're planet can only last for a few years then we see physical damage to occur. I don't have to go into details to explain this one. So now they have damaged the planet similar to earth to the point now one can no long live on it, so what do they do let us find another planet similar to our guest which one it turned out to be yes, you're correct planet earth. How do we get rid of the many billions of people living on this planet? Simple we kill them by several means, tornados, floods, earth quakes, drought, illnesses, etc. Also get into the governments and control them. Some think it is the NWO to a point yes, but it goes deeper then this former President Bush and Clinton called them THEY and they are the ones in control. So what is going to happen? Don't buy every thing you read or hear. Test it see what happens, etc. Stand back see the forest and then you'll see things more clear. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Thursday, March 13, 2014, 00:23:54
The air plane is gone! (?) Not surprised on my part! This has been going on when an Army Air Corp went after a UFO and he along with his plane disappeared! Many years later, people abducted and aboard the UFO they seen him still young looking but had the attitude I'm aboard but I wish I could be some where else. Like he is a glorified prisoner or what ever! Some thing is going to happen in the near future! Good? I doubt it! What? I don't know if I did I'd post it! When I have asked aliens who look very much like humans, nicer looking, higher IQ yes, but they do not tell me because they feel the telephone is tapped along with this \emailing address and the sight in general we all know now this is correct because of the NSA and the CIA don't forget the FBI! There is an old saying that goes like this eve droppers don't hear good of themselves! How true! Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Thursday, February 13, 2014, 07:55:09
All of these UFO's being reported around the world! Weird isn't it all of these numerous train accidents, wild fires,air-plane accidents,California in need of rain and many, other things building fires, I could go on and on. But I think you're getting the point. On the Coast to Coast Show the guest say it's the Freemasons, it's the NWO order it's this! It's that! Kind a but the real trouble makers are the bad UFO aliens! They want humans dead! Once and for all even the ones looking like humans. The trouble is we don't know which is the good guys verses the bad ones! Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Biddle Saturday, January 18, 2014, 02:27:10
It is now January 2014 a lot of UFO's are being seen and reported! What does this all mean? Right now I couldn't tell you! I believe I have made contact with another UFO/alien. This individual can read you're thoughts and too other things. I'll let you know the results if I ever find out the truth. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Monday, December 2, 2013, 08:17:14
A lot of UFO's are sure being seen all over the world! What's with this? Is it good or bad? (!)Time shall tell us all! Maybe it could be some thing that we haven't figured out yet! Yes in my area I seen one this last summer in the soutern part of my area. It had two or three large brownish/yellowish color balls huge in size was just hovering for some time a black rod or so connecting the balls together. No, I currently haven't that I know any way had any communication with young UFO/alien missionaries. Want to know more get on the internet put down UFO alien Jerry Biddle read my numerous postings. Yes, I have had communication with a young MIB no it's not like the movies, that MIB Movie is not for real by the way. They do not operate this way! All business and too nice looking male complexion white milky white, dark hair yes like that actor in the TV Show In The Middle brick. Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Tuesday, October 29, 2013, 20:56:57
On another UFO/alien sight, they are telling about numerous UFO reports and sightings. What is weird, if you note every place for the most part they are seeing the UFO/aliens, guest what! Either a wild fire, flood or some thing which isn't good for mankind! I have a good memory and this sure helps, I remember reading things and because of this I'm taking note on the UFO sighting situation. Here is some thing to think about: Are the UFO's responsible for these bad situations, or because of time travel they know when these things shall occure? Yeah interesting I know. I can say this folks too many UFO reportings and too many bad for the most part situations. The trouble with this is: The Governments know which ones are the bad ones and which ones are the good ones. We because we do not have the information they have, we don't know! (?) On this, that guy who makes claim he is from the year of 2036 I believe this is the year I have been studying him also. What I have geathered you might not like what I'm about to say and I might, repeat might be wrong but this is what I have come up with: I DO NOT BELIEVE IT! Why? The things he has stated and things in general when you get to be my age and have a good memory you better keep you're stories in line and not change them from month to month, week to week and year to year. I'm not going to tell on this sighting how I figured out the story isn't true! Why? Because him or THEY might be reading this sight and my postings then the things which makes him look like sure you bet they'll know how to fix it and etc. I think as some of the guest on that radio show CtoCshow that this was all made up hoping books would be writen about it, a huge big movie deal and related factors. I seen the device he makes claim is the time traveling device. It looks like some thing one could buy at a Government Surplus store like Fair Radio Sales in the USA. One thing that might make a curve on this, yes I believe that several Governments have the abilities to go forword and backword with time travel. But his story NOOOOOOOOO, again it's things I have heard and more then that read. He'd have a hard time making me believe this now! What's funny no MIB or CIA, NSA, FBI has contacted me telling me oh John is very much real and all he states is true! Hasn't happen and it's not going to happen. I'm going to ask a question which is this? Do you believe it? If so why? Or are you like me: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Thank you for reading my postings by the way. Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Sunday, October 6, 2013, 22:03:18
Some researchers believe that a war has been going on between two different UFO/aliens. Not only with the grays but too the reptilians also! I just learn last month that some Nordic or Pleiadians tall blondes hate humans and wish they were all destroyed! I want to share some thing with all of you who read my postings: If you watch the news and then set back get away from that tree our governemtns want all of us to stand by and back up yes you'll see a forest! This is what I mean: It's like two different forces one pulling for humans (mankind) and the other pulling us down! Don't laugh! Just watch TV or the news you'll see this! I really got wise on this situation some odd 10 years ago when in my half asleep and half awake stage THEY gave me complete detailed instructions on how to stop: wild fires, drought, flooding, food shortage,creating jobs and etc. I spent over $25 dollars back again ten years ago on postage typing letters to the news media and others. What responce did I get? ZEROOOOOOOOO! The idea of creating huge pumps, motors and stations etc, as you can tell would create numerous jobs and too those wild fires in the western regions of the USA and the flooding would come to an end real fast like! I'm not going into details of how it would work because this sight would go on and on. Aliens UFO type are divided into three groups: One who really likes and cares about humans, the other hates and wants to destroy them, the last bunch is just watching like it's some type of entertainment or similar! So, how is this all going to end you might ask? Right now I'd like to believe that the good guys (UFO/aliens) are winning this, one could say maybe this is a war between Elohim/Jesus Christ and the dark side devil, demons, bad aliens. Either way humans are in the cross fire of this war! Religion has made a complete turn around in the last 50 years or so, some churches not having as much members as once had etc. Dark side of entertainment is growing really growing: Zombies, vampires, ghost bad type etc. This fall line upf on National TV has a huge host of those kind of programs. Yes, I know these programs are for entertainment only and not real! But are they not for real? Look at the weird things happening in the past 25 years in not only the USA but other countries! I think by now I have some of YOU thinking like I have been doing again in the past 15 years now! So, what can YOU do? Watch, listen do you're own research on postings like this paticular one. I like this paticular sights as stated before because another sight it was out to get me in the form or postings that harassments, poking fun if you please. I truly believe that this sight and good for THEM would not let these two individuals post stuff one male and one female because they would know what little game the two of them are up too! Thank you for this! Games and poking fun days are gone! Why? Too many things are happening real fast like if you again just watch, do you're own research etc. Also for you're information several years ago I had communication with a female alien the tall gray type and she warned me do not believe all of the things one hears on that Coast to Coast Show she had reference to the guest. On the air over the telephone I told Art Bell this and he laughed and said neither do I! Then in a kiding way he said oh those bid black eyes referring to the gray alien who's planet is on the other side of our sun. Thank you I hope this posting might wake up a few at least! Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Friday, October 4, 2013, 03:50:01
The other night on the Coast to Coast Show they had this guest lady who made claim that all UFO/aliens and abductions are really good for you! Folks! Do not BELIEVE THIS! NO, NO, AND ANOTHER NO! Some aliens primarily the grays and the reptilian have humans abducted for slave labor and worse they eat them! I have studied last week about some of the so-called tall blonde haired aliens even they do not like humans and would prefer humans to be dead! Becareful! You and I do not know enough about the different group of aliens thus we do not know the good guys from those wishing us dead! Even the aliens I have had direct contact with do I really know them? NOOOOOOOOOOO, I only know what they wanted me to know and too the front they are putting on! On another sight that I get per day on my emailing address they are seeing aliens all over the earth! Some thing is up! I can not put a handle on it yet but some thing is up! Another thing George Noory and some others believe Big Foot comes from another dimention. I agree look at the numerous wild fires and too forest fires yet they do not see any dead big foot bodies. So, I would have to agree with one George Noory and his guest who thinks this way also. Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Wednesday, October 2, 2013, 00:05:20
It is now October and now I'm going to let you rethink one Billy Meier. Why I don't believe he is visited by the aliens called Pleiadians. In the USA and other countries they are in the process of replacing missing parts on humans. ie arms, legs nose, etc. The Pleiadians make claim they are several thousand years ahead of earths humans. Now stand back and think! Get back from the forest. I'll share this with you! Billy had models in his attic just like the ones in the so-called photos. The Pleiadians told this would happen and that yet on those dates it was business as usual. Then he Bill lost his arm in a farm accident, so what did the wonder boy Pleiadians tell him? We repeat we can not put a new arm on you! New arm on him? Take about 10 years or less from now our medical science could! And we're not so-called advanced as the again wonder boy Pleiadians. I think I've given enough information. Oh some might argue with me go ahead but beable to defend you're statements. I don't think you could! Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Sunday, September 15, 2013, 01:55:51
A lot of UFO's are being sighted in other states not only in the USA but other countries. I remember several years ago, sightings of UFO's was rare very rare. I have noticed some thing which is this: Several UFO sights and if you stand back and just look you'll see the same things I have noticed: Numberous wild fires, tornados, floods, droughts and some people killing their own in other countries. Now the question is this is it the UFO's causing this? Or do they see the future and seem to know what is going to happen and when and where? I like this UFO posting sight, there is another one and I got harrassed by two individuals. Why? I think we should share information and just maybe between all of us we might figure out things regarding not only UFO's, but too other paranormal things. I know I have and thank you for sharing you're thoughts and information. Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Sunday, September 8, 2013, 22:37:42
I have studied the subject of UFO's/aliens and other paranormal subjects for several years now. What I have noticed geathered is this: The Governments shall never tell the real truth! Why? Because this subject is way, way too complexed. It involves more then just flying saucers and little so-called green men. Religions on earth has some truths but again more, more complexed! I'll give you some examples so and so is dead right? Yet, a few years or even a month or so you see him/her just as physical as you or me. Related to dopper-ganger situation. You/or myself going into different dimentions only to know because things are very different then yesterday or last night. THEY telling the governments what to do and what not to do! This has been going on for numerous years now. Secret Governments or THEY what ever you wish to call them either way they are in complete control not Obama not the Queen of England etc. Are aliens good or bad? Just like humans and some animals some good some bad. Currently if you watch listen you'll see or notice a war is currently going on! Who the winners are I do not have enough current information. Do I like President Obama you might ask? Yes, I feel sorry for him! I sure wouldn't want his job nor again if you read and study enough you'd agree with me! I hope this puts some new light on this complexed subject of UFO's/aliens. I know more now then I did several years ago. Does the Coast to Coast Show give out good information with it's several numerous guest? My answer is yes with some no with others. Do you're own research and when listing to this program 2400-0400 you'll be able to know who is truthful who is a huge big bag of wind wanting to sell his/her latest book. On the others oh yes I see now he/she is very much correct! Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Monday, August 12, 2013, 00:02:46
It's been some time since I have posted a sight on this paticular UFO/alien information sight. I find it very interesting and too thank you for you that read this sight I post and also letting me know this. There was another sight similar to this one. But two individuals became what I would call harrassment wheater they realized it or not. I do not post information to have peopls stalking me via postings and related factors. Now down to business I would strongly suggest you to read this paticular book: Flying Saucers Serious Business by Frank Edwards 3rd edition the stuff we're currently seeing the air-plane accidents, trains, wild fires, droughts, tornados numerous, etc he stated it would be this way and put the blame on the bad reptilian aliens along with grays and some traders humans (black opts operations). How this is all going to end time shall tell! It might be too late this has crossed my mind several times I just hope I'm wrong time shall tell! Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Tuesday, June 25, 2013, 06:00:56
On the Coast to Coast Show last month one of the guest stated that the end of June some thing huge is going to happen! Wow! If I'm not wrong isn't this the last week of June? Like I have stated numerous times an alien female told me not to believe every thing I hear on that Coast to Coast Show Art Bell laughed when I told him this on the radio/telephone he told me I don't either! I want all of you to give some serious thought about this: If UFO's/aliens were just here to see and then leave and was goodie goodies our Governments would of told us several years ago that they are here! But, repeat but because they are not the good guys this is the main reason for not coming forth and telling the truth! And I can not blame them for not telling! So-called science, religions (some any way) and some people in general just can not handled this type of information! If the race of Pleiadians had their way do you know what they'd like? Humans would not believe in God/Elohim/Jesus Christ. Yes you're reading this correct! They believe in the creation but not a creator. Just because they are more advanced then humans in science doesn't make them correct! What about the NDE's near death experiences! Millions of humans tell about God/Jesus Christ and seeing their pets who died before they died. On this pets what types? Dogs, cats, birds I have never read or heard about snakes, monkeys, horses, cows, goats, etc. Why? I could only guest! Because for the most part Dogs and Cats are closer to humans more then the other animals mentioned. Oh it could be for another reason. Oh, they also see butter-flys. Interesting yes I know! The way I see it too many questions not enough answers! Also I have as posted in prior postings the UFO/aliens do not go to the humans heaven. I know this because of what one Missionary told me he didn't know that I could figure out just what his coded message was which is this: Once I'm gone you'll never ever see or hear from me ever again! If I knew what I know now I should of said what about when we shall see each other in Heaven? But I didn't find out his was a alien until he was long gone for several weeks then I was told by some other missionaries and a Nurse member she told me. As I look back duh! Sure we're always knowing on 20/20 hind sight! Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Monday, May 13, 2013, 21:53:57
On the Coast to Coast Show they have several guest telling the listening audience that they are telling Congress they want them to tell the truth about UFO/aliens and related. Now I'm going to put my two cents worth in!It's not going to happen! Why? If repeat if they we're to tell the truth you can see after this posting what it would cause world wide! Let us Pretend okay? GOVERNMENTS: This special report from Washington DC the President: UFO/aliens some of them are good and have other aliens and too humans best interest in mind. But I repeat but some of them called reptilians abduct humans for slave labor and then use them for food. This is why mainly children and some adults go missing per year. They are so advanced to our technology so there isn't any thing we can do about it! Now that you have heard this please don't cash in all you're money at the banks and too do not start going witch hunting on people you think might be reptilian aliens and oh by all means do not start rioting just live the way you once did oh yes mothers it would be best if you went after you're children after school and watch them when they go to the play grounds and etc, etc. Not only this but too I have studied the subject of UFO/aliens for going on 67 years now. I have had contact with human looking aliens and once a tall gray who made claims her planet is on the other side of our Sun. It wasn't until more modern times that our Governments found this planet using techical satellite and related. She informed me several different things one that her planet has had contact with the World Governments and they do not trust nor like them. She informed me that some aliens are real bad. Her grandson comes to earth in a UFO but he doesn't abduct nor engage in cattle mutilations. This all sounds nice and good but keep in mind I'm taking her word only for this. She told me her religion is similar to the LDS Mormon Church yet when I study the religions of UFO/aliens I come up with this: 1. They don't have a religion 2. They believe in the creative force but not a personal God like humans do 3. They believe that every body including humans reincarnate 4. They go to another heaven and not the humans Heaven 5. They think Elohim/Jesus Christ is just another alien thinking He is God. On this point I have been doing again a lot of research and to a point they're correct on that one. Humans would call him God other human like aliens and others in another planet millions of light years away would have some thing like this with another name. So you're asking how could this be? Long before the big bang theory it was totally black in the book of Genesis it indicates this. So all of humans, aliens, animals at one time were in total blackness then this creative force happened then things begin to be created on earth and other planets some as stated light years away. In the book of Revelation it indicates about how some humans shall have plants of their own and be like Elohim/Jesus Christ. This would explain why an angel of the Most High came and helped this young guy trying on his own to get rid of three grays he helped that young guy even though the guy did the killing of them the angel helped dray them outside and used a sward to chop off the top of the aliens head and a sphere ball like thing would come out and go to the heavens. I do not understand this situation too much but then the angel looks at the young guy and said this: They are sheer evil they mean noting to us! This could be taken as this: They come from another planet with it's own creator not the humans nor my (the angel) and when you and I killed them our God Elohim/Jesus Christ these evil aliens mean noting to us! Why? Because they are evil to humans! Currently so I have been hearing and read a war has been going on between the so-called good aliens and the bad ones. If you do your research again you'll noticing this war has been going on now for several thousands or maybe millions of years now. Because I do more research and too personal contact with what I believe to be good aliens I can see this situation of war between the good and evil ones going on strong. On the Coast to Coast Show they have a different view point which again I'm sharing my information with you. The view point: They feel that the very rich and the Freemasons and others are waging this war against humans to knock down the population and have more control. To a point at first glance this looks good but really dig into this and you'll see that this isn't the real factor! Rather another reason. Both former Presidents Clinton and Bush told about THEY are in control and indicated it was some real advanced for us! Real rich people think they have control but then look at it this way who controls them? (!) Why would the real rich want to get rid of millions of people with only them and some of the remanding humans left? For control? Who's is left to buy the oil and goods from the rich and don't you think after a while that little minority of humans left would do like they did hundreds of years ago! Which is rebel, fight for more

Jerry Eugene Biddle Monday, May 13, 2013, 21:53:07
On the Coast to Coast Show they have several guest telling the listening audience that they are telling Congress they want them to tell the truth about UFO/aliens and related. Now I'm going to put my two cents worth in!It's not going to happen! Why? If repeat if they we're to tell the truth you can see after this posting what it would cause world wide! Let us Pretend okay? GOVERNMENTS: This special report from Washington DC the President: UFO/aliens some of them are good and have other aliens and too humans best interest in mind. But I repeat but some of them called reptilians abduct humans for slave labor and then use them for food. This is why mainly children and some adults go missing per year. They are so advanced to our technology so there isn't any thing we can do about it! Now that you have heard this please don't cash in all you're money at the banks and too do not start going witch hunting on people you think might be reptilian aliens and oh by all means do not start rioting just live the way you once did oh yes mothers it would be best if you went after you're children after school and watch them when they go to the play grounds and etc, etc. Not only this but too I have studied the subject of UFO/aliens for going on 67 years now. I have had contact with human looking aliens and once a tall gray who made claims her planet is on the other side of our Sun. It wasn't until more modern times that our Governments found this planet using techical satellite and related. She informed me several different things one that her planet has had contact with the World Governments and they do not trust nor like them. She informed me that some aliens are real bad. Her grandson comes to earth in a UFO but he doesn't abduct nor engage in cattle mutilations. This all sounds nice and good but keep in mind I'm taking her word only for this. She told me her religion is similar to the LDS Mormon Church yet when I study the religions of UFO/aliens I come up with this: 1. They don't have a religion 2. They believe in the creative force but not a personal God like humans do 3. They believe that every body including humans reincarnate 4. They go to another heaven and not the humans Heaven 5. They think Elohim/Jesus Christ is just another alien thinking He is God. On this point I have been doing again a lot of research and to a point they're correct on that one. Humans would call him God other human like aliens and others in another planet millions of light years away would have some thing like this with another name. So you're asking how could this be? Long before the big bang theory it was totally black in the book of Genesis it indicates this. So all of humans, aliens, animals at one time were in total blackness then this creative force happened then things begin to be created on earth and other planets some as stated light years away. In the book of Revelation it indicates about how some humans shall have plants of their own and be like Elohim/Jesus Christ. This would explain why an angel of the Most High came and helped this young guy trying on his own to get rid of three grays he helped that young guy even though the guy did the killing of them the angel helped dray them outside and used a sward to chop off the top of the aliens head and a sphere ball like thing would come out and go to the heavens. I do not understand this situation too much but then the angel looks at the young guy and said this: They are sheer evil they mean noting to us! This could be taken as this: They come from another planet with it's own creator not the humans nor my (the angel) and when you and I killed them our God Elohim/Jesus Christ these evil aliens mean noting to us! Why? Because they are evil to humans! Currently so I have been hearing and read a war has been going on between the so-called good aliens and the bad ones. If you do your research again you'll noticing this war has been going on now for several thousands or maybe millions of years now. Because I do more research and too personal contact with what I believe to be good aliens I can see this situation of war between the good and evil ones going on strong. On the Coast to Coast Show they have a different view point which again I'm sharing my information with you. The view point: They feel that the very rich and the Freemasons and others are waging this war against humans to knock down the population and have more control. To a point at first glance this looks good but really dig into this and you'll see that this isn't the real factor! Rather another reason. Both former Presidents Clinton and Bush told about THEY are in control and indicated it was some real advanced for us! Real rich people think they have control but then look at it this way who controls them? (!) Why would the real rich want to get rid of millions of people with only them and some of the remanding humans left? For control? Who's is left to buy the oil and goods from the rich and don't you think after a while that little minority of humans left would do like they did hundreds of years ago! Which is rebel, fight for more

Jerry Eugene Biddle Wednesday, April 3, 2013, 05:26:33
I'm going to share some information about the gray aliens. Maybe some of you reading this posting might know or have given some thought about this also. Information: Grays hang around grave yards! Why? Grays have those huge big black eyes so does insects that live in dark areas like: Bumble Bees, Honey Bees, Ants and others why NO LIGHT! Dark areas! Is there a relationship to this? Alien grays for the most part do not like being on earth during the day time hours why? Because the sun light hurts their eyes! Maybe you might have some input on this! Thank you Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Thursday, March 28, 2013, 22:22:46
I had several years ago I have posted this in the past that THEY gave me complete details and information even in color how to stop floods, wild fires, droughts and low rivers. Keep in mind this has been over 10 years ago. I spent over $25 dollars on my own mailing envelopes etc. My local library took an interest in this project and they helped me type the address to all of the USA National magazines, TV etc, etc. I even wrote to former President Bush. The White House sent a form letter. Oh the media this is what I got a huge big ZEROOOOOOOOOO! I told THEY don't give me any other ideas! Because the bad aliens and the governmets are not interested! Media is more interested in why did Justin Bieber brake up with his latest girl friend or he got another tatto or he's on the internet letting people see him naked etc. So did THEY listen to me? NOOOOOOOOO, last week THEY gave me full instructions on how to bring back the economy like it once was in the eariler 1950's. In history you'll remember reading about the drive in movies, record companies selling millions on Elvis, Country Music, etc. THEY showed me that the min wage going on $10.10 which is $80.80 per day is not going to cut it rather small business could not afford this! THEY are correct I'd be the first to agree then THEY showed me what needs to happen to correct this situation! Why? I'm not going to do any thing about it! Why? It's like this old saying burn me once shame on you! Burn me twice shame on me! Right now even if I could afford another which by the way would be more then $25.00 I wouldn't do it! Read my prior postings on this paticular sight and thank you for postings my information! Also for you're information along time ago the good UFO/aliens gave the main countries the cure for cancer like the USA and others, what did the governments say? NO THANK YOU! The good aliens thought to themselves what? I guest the aliens don't understand things dealing with population and MONEY! DO THEY? Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Tuesday, March 12, 2013, 03:49:41
I haven't post any thing on this sight for some time. As to what is new I'll share my information. Last summer of 2012 in the greater Des Moines area they seen several UFO's. I seen one in the south area I reside in. It was huge and had weird yellowish lights I haven't seen these types of lights before I'll try to described them to you: Like you had a glass ball yellow yet transparent inside this ball would be a regular light bulb it didn't move huge long more then the thickness. In the Des Moines Register no you might of guested no articles. I have heard seveal times on that Coast to Coast Show by the guest that the news media is told what they can and what they can not. I strongly agree with this I have witnessed this several times long story! As to this old idea oh they are going to tell all of us the truth about UFO's/aliens! I gave up on this fairy tale long ago! Folks it's not going to happen! Sights like this one is the only way one is going to know about the UFO's/aliens and related factors. Thank you for reading my postings Jerry Biddle USA

to marco nexus Wednesday, January 30, 2013, 12:31:11
san-taka in fact it's Lithuanian word if spelled like 'santaka' and means junction or confluence. The idea was to make it look like both with Eastern flavour "san" and Western "taka".

Jerry Eugene Biddle Tuesday, January 22, 2013, 06:08:22
If this posting dated Monday January the 21st has reference to what I have posted thank you. I have other postings on other sights. I have studied the subject of UFO/aliens for 66 years now. In those days they were called Flying Saucers. I have talked to numerous individuals like Betty Hill, Major Donald Keyhole, and several others. I have been on several radio talk shows. I have had contact with UFO/aliens. No, I have not had contact with the bad aliens like reptilians and the bad grays. I have several questions about every thing! You name it! I read a lot on the internet postings and some things yes, then again, some yeah right! I like most of the rest of you do not believe every thing I hear, read and see. I wonder about you name it! I'm just starting to understand of all individuals God Himself! What I wondered about was werewolf, zombies, shape/shifters and etc. I listen to the Coast to Coast Show and several of the guest have in a way that sounds more sense-able if you please then click! Things come together. I can share this with all of you that read my postings: I knew a week before the election that THEY wanted to have Obama back in again and not Mitt Romney. In case you don't understand who THEY are read my prior postings I have mentioned them several times. THEY are the ones running the earth and it's governments etc. Yes, THEY know about me I was told this several years ago another story with in itself told this late hypnosis that a friend and myself would go every Tuesday night after hours. He told us two that THEY came to him and told things about us two. At the time we didn't know what we know now. We didn't understand the term THEY knowing what I know now yes I know hind sight is 20/20 yes I know! I could of pride out of him more about THEY as it was I looked at Matt with that look like to say what ever! UFO's/aliens and this subject is very complex and this is one reason why the governments and religions and others won't be telling us all the truth! Thank you again for reading this posting sights. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Wednesday, January 9, 2013, 01:54:15
Regarding the lights and thinking they might be UFO's yes they could be. One doesn't know until they the UFO lands and you can see it first hand. The area I live in by sheer accident I was looking up stuff on the internet. It indicated that in my area and the surrounding communities have seen UFO's all summer long in the year of 2012. Some is happening but I do not have enough information to put a handled on this about UFO's all of these killings with hand-guns, etc. Some thing is wrong and too some thing is in the making! Also numerous tornados when I was younger tornados wasn't a common thing like they are now! I witnessed a would be UFO some odd 5 years ago trying to land on the grocery store in my neighborhood! What next right? (!) Way, way too many questions yes I know! You can read all of my postings on other sights by putting in UFO Alien Jerry Biddle then down load them. Have a good 2013 by the way!

Jerry Eugene Biddle Friday, December 21, 2012, 22:54:44
Readers of this Posting: I T O L D Y O U S O! It's 2012 and I'm still here typing this posting. Remember in my prior postings I said that December the 21st is just another day! OH, WHAT! Jerry Biddle living in the USA was right! (?) Remember date putters are usually wronig and that's all I have to say about this one! Again, told you so!
Have a good year of 2013 and don't believe all those date putters stuff a lot of stuff has't happen before the end times! We're not even close yet to this situation! Merry Christmas and a Good Year from Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Monday, November 26, 2012, 04:04:08
Thank you for you're commets regarding this posting on this sight. On Coast to Coast Show they had a guest stating that all of us on earth shall go to the 4th dimention come December the 21st of this year 2012. I doubt this very much again date putting! As to the governments telling the truth about UFO's/aliens. Again I doubt this, why? I have studied the subject of UFO's/aliens for 66 years now. What I have noticed and geather is this subject is way to complex! I can tell you what I have noticed and too what I have read, seen for myself. The subject of UFO's is related to things you'd never think about I shall list them: Religion, ghost, NDE's (Near Death Experiences) time travel, invisable governments, catttle mutilations, other dimentions. Why aliens posing as LDS Mormon Church missionaries, I haven't figured out why, how comes. One wanted to tell me the real truth, but a form of a young MIB took over for his human companion, he was very careful not to let the alien missionary tell me things which I would of loved to know. Former Presidents Clinton and Bush told about THEY I knew a week before the election that Mitt Romney wasn't going to win because Ginrich told that THEY wanted Obama back in. Some believe that Mitt really won! But it would not make any difference because THEY wanted Obama on another sight and posting a guy/or/gal going by the name of PAT told me I'm thinking too much about aliens, UFO's and etc. I sent him an email telling him that I'm more into music. I like this sight and postings it my favorite now I'm going to warn you my readers, this is how the bad aliens and the government work they try to make out like you're not playing with it a full deck even though I have a high IQ they do this in hopes that both me and the readers well not have me posting and telling all of you what I have known or learned. I'm not falling for this junk! I'm going to share with you because I'd expect the same with you that might have some information pertaining to UFO's/aliens. I have found out one thing just because aliens might be far more advanced then humans some of them do not believe in a God like humans do regardless of the religion. They seem to think that all creations has always been. I find this idea hard to believe because of this: SOME COMES OUT OF NOTHING! Hard to believe just ask people who make watches, TV, cars, etc. No, there is a Creator, I realize that huge amount of questions have came because of the things I have listed. Sights like this and at times talk shows like Coast to Coast Show nightly at 2400/0400 bring some insight to this again complex subject I strongly believe in about 5 years or less we shall all know more about this subject then we currently know. Some of the information shall be good and some not so good! Have a good Christmas and too the year of 2013! Thank you again for you're good remarks about my postings. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Saturday, November 24, 2012, 02:31:07
Happy holidays by the way! Were almost in the month of December of 2012, and on Coast to Coast Show they're saying bad things are going to happen. People I have heard these bad things hitting earth for several years now! Remember Harold Camping of Family Radio making claims about the end times telling people not to belong to a Church any more. Oh let us not forget the Watchtower bunch on 1975 end of times stuff. What I strongly suggest for what it is worth live as if this is you're last day on earth and try to live a good life. Don't be putting dates and numbers on things a lot of things must happen before the end times. You reading my postings and myself might be too old to see these things happen in our life time! The weather has changed yes, and some peoples attitude have change to the worse, but not all humans are bad nor some UFO/aliens not every things is totally bad nor good. It's like a huge battery having both the + and the - you have to have both to make the huge battery of life work! No, I haven't had any communication with UFO aliens in several months or years now. Maybe it's because they know I know what to look for and figure them out thus knowing that they are aliens and not true humans. Have a good Christmas and New Year of 2013. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Saturday, October 27, 2012, 21:56:23
If you're refering to my postings thank you. Well it's almost over with I have referrence to the year of 2012 in my prior postings I have stated that I believe 2012 is just another Y2K type of deal. I well say this much and share some of what I have noticed in real life and too on the TV, look at either some one that you don't really know or a movie star, recording artist, etc. Look at a picture of them 3 years ago, then look at them now! What you'll notice is they look real old for their age, for example let us say they are 20 years old now, but they look like they are in there higher end of 30's Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake are just a few examples! Why? My friends say it's because of the times and life is harder! (?) Now look back at the movie stars and recording artist back in the years of 1970's they look like kids compared to todays! Why? That's what I want to know even in the city I reside in young men in their eariler 20's looking hard, old and gray hair! Some thing is wrong folks some thing is totally wrong! Could it be the stuff in the food? Or those trails that air planes have been dropping? I do not know! (?) Now that I have brought this to you're attention I bet you too shall be seeing this! As to the UFO/aliens I have had direct contact with they look their age for example 19 21 etc, so this is currently a human thing (looking too old for ones age). I'm not the only one noticing this my personal friends have also been noticing this. I'm not saying that the end is near just because of 2012 deal, rather I'm saying some thing isn't right! Maybe, just maybe this could be a way the bad UFO/aliens are getting rid of humans make them die fast! Children in the area I live in reports of men and some times women and both are trying to abduct children! Two girls cousins have been missing now for several months and the FBI and others haven't any good leads yet on why and how comes! (?) When you watch TV from now on do not just watch it for entertainment rather REALLY WATCH IT LISTEN AND LOOK! You'll start seeing things I have been seeing for several years now! I hate to say this but it isn't good! Jerry Biddle USA

ExceeloEnlige Saturday, October 27, 2012, 19:13:00
I had been very happy to find this web-site.I desired to many thanks for your time and efforts with this great read!! I certainly enjoying every single small chunk of it and I've you bookmarked to have a look at new stuff you blog post.

Am I Allowed To just say what a relief to discover someone who really knows what theyre dealing with on the net.

marco nexus Thursday, September 20, 2012, 17:52:50
who is san-taka?
the immortal tanaka?

Jerry Eugene Biddle Monday, September 17, 2012, 21:01:14
I have in the last few years because of the guest on that Coast to Coast Show have done some limited research on the subject of reincarnation, what I have notices first by my late deceased family members and related, also because of my religion which you can read my prior postings, that reincarnation when one dies is not as common for every body as we're to believe, rather several different circumstances occur, for example a bad country kills people, if reincarnation was the punishment only then it would be worse as to law-less attitudes. Do people go to hell? What I have read and noticed yes. In the book of Enoch/Moses it states that eon of years that the devil and those in hell shall be let out. Some religions have trouble with this, as to myself I can see that the devil and the demons after being in hell for billion of years and thus learned what can happen would be God's biggest brown noses once going back to heaven. What I have really came up with is this I know this is going to be a cop/out answer but I really mean it! I have studied UFO's/aliens, life after death, NDE's, MIB's ghost, etc. What I have noticed and I'm going to share this with you who read my postings: Life is more complexed then we all know! There is more to the stories then we have thought through the years not one thing is totally correct but it becoming an individual one on one bases! What happens to Johnny may not happen to Linda (names for example only) every thing has a different set of circumstances. This is one reason amoung many why they well never tell the truth regarding UFO's/aliens. And too the aliens what I have geathered THEY don't know all the answers! Some of them think they do! Yes, but they don't the more you study these subjects the more questions it brings up. As to you're reincarnation postings I have read this several years ago. This is a Buddest answer, and who knows on some things they might be right! Jews, Muslims, Mormons, Christians, etc. They all have a different view point towards life, but the common theme is this do good things and good things for the most part come back to you. Do bad things and bad things come back to you. This idea and what takes places has been going on in the Universes long before Jews and other religions. Does it have an end like some religions seem to think? I know one thing for sure at the rate things are going earth as we know it would not be here 25 years from now! Why? Water problems, droughs, floods, tornados and etc, I have been on earth for next month 71 years. I have seen radical changes in peoples attitudes, the weather and even animals. Animals some of them have the thinking of a 5 year old child they can even talk and know the meaning of what is being said! I can see that mankind is headed for a radical change it has already started some time ago long before that 2012 thing! Again read some of my prior postings regarding this! Thank you for reading my postings yes as I have stated I read you're postings if in English and find them informative and interesting. Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

šmėkla Monday, September 17, 2012, 16:11:47
Some people can choose for when they whant to reembody. Karma can limit people's options for when and how they reincarnate.

Jerry Eugene Biddle Friday, September 14, 2012, 05:44:04
If you are aiming this towards me with Best Wishes, thank you if this is the case. Right now for you that read my postings, I'm kinda mixed up on several issues, I'll tell you what I'm mixed up on maybe you might be able to give me some input on this matter: Reincarnation why? Come back here again unless you're rich and young popular who'd want to come back here? When I write letters to those who investigate reincarnation with good questions yup you guested it ZERO ANSWERS! WHY? Because they don't have the answers to my GOOD QUESTIONS regarding reincarnation. As to do I believe in it? I understand why they believe it but why are there ghost that have been dead for hundreds of years why haven't they reincarnated? See whe I'm getting at? Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Monday, September 10, 2012, 02:12:43
Thank you for reading my postings, I read you're postings also, keep in mind, that I only can read in English, so when posting to me do not use other languages like Russian, etc. Because I wouldn't beable to read them and they might have some good information that I would like to read. Again, thank you for reading my postings. And too thank you for you that have crateated this sight. It gives me a chance to post information that I have learn by either radio, reading or first hand knowledge. Thank you again, Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

Jerrry Eugene Biddle Saturday, September 1, 2012, 23:16:50
What I have read and heard about USA on the Moon, the USA and maybe others I'm not for sure on England, Russia other countries but what again I heard that we have had an exchange program going on scense the year of 1936 so, the question being did man go on the moon? Yes, but not by rocket that staged situation! Rather they have an exchange program going on. Keep in mind, that both on Coast to Coast Show and too cable TV talk shows have indicated by both former Presidents Clinton and Bush that THEY are in charge of the WORLD! THEY tell who is going to do this and who isn't going to do that! I get the impression this circumstance has been goin on for several generations now! Why Hitler was so gun whole on killing, Jews, Gypsies, Freemasons, Russians, etc. I strongly believe some more to this then history has told us. If you look at this really close, you'll see that all of these groups have strong religious ties, Jew Jewish, Gypsies Catholic, Freemasons all religions believing in a Higher Power, Russians the Russian Orthoeox. So, does the mean that all aliens (UFO)are of the devil? Does this mean that all humans are of the devil? No to both of these! Elohim which is an alien who was given powers similar to the invisable God over earth, He doesn't like the bad aliens like the reptilian who abduct and eat humans especially children. How this is all going to turn out I think in the near future we'll see numerous things which shall be so clear that the average person shall know just by watching, listening and putting 2+2=4 type of deal! The numerous wild fires, drought, abductions, weird looking animals never been seen before, this list could go on and on. Thank you for reading my postings I put on this from the USA and too, thank you for you're postings remember I too learn from all of you thank you again. Also thank you for the people who has made this POSTINGS. Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Thursday, August 16, 2012, 05:45:26
You talk about the tall whites which look similar to the grays even though each other are at odds with each other. Yes, you're correct the tall whites fell they are better then humans, they have a low attitude towards humans.I get the impression that some of these aliens in some ways are jealous of humans. I get this impression. In the NDE's I have yet to hear or read about seeing grays, reptilians,and tall whites in Heaven. I have heard they go to another place. I do not have any respect for the tall whites and a very low opinon of the reptilian aliens who have children abducted and taken for food, slave labor, etc. The aliens that I have had contact with looking and acting for the most part human they have a better attitude towards humans. I have geather they for the most part understand humans. It was said rather this is true or not that Hitler in the latter 1930's had contact with aliens living under the earth this gives the impression that they might be reptilians and he said to the other Nazi's at the time boy they are wicket so if he of all people stated this, this speaks for itself! As to the aliens going to invade earth, sorry I don't get this impression, the reason I say this they are already in control the late Frank Edward's in his book Flying Saucers serious business he told all of the things the we see happening current the wild fires, tornados, droughts and etc. I'm glad a long time ago I accidently came across this posting sights. I'm very surprised that MIB's do not come knocking at my door in the area I live in. I heard from a friend the reptilians are affraid of me he seen this in an OBE he said when I showed up they went runninig from me. I hope he is correct! Thank you for posting you're postings and reading my postings. Jerry Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Wednesday, August 15, 2012, 21:57:39
Thank you! For posting this information. Some of this I know because again I listen to the Coast to Coast Show first with Art Bell now with George Noory. In my personal researches, I now know that the UFO/alien situation is much more complex then we had ever figured it to be. We're dealing with other earths yes you're reading this right. In the book of Moses it tells about other earths, etc. What I have noticed that some of us are from another dimention or universe. I have noticed this with my friends, I'll ask or tell them some thing which has happened a few years ago and they do not remember even though because of the subject material they should remember losing their best friend in death, etc. As to the Worlds Government going to tell the truth my answer is N O N O NO! WHY? Because the UFO/alien is way to complex and the average person would not understand. It would with some repeat with some religions have a huge impact with them. Just look at the many religions that have thought that this is the year of end times, some of them have stated this back in 1975 look how long this has been! What about Harold Camping we all know about this situation. Life is much more complex then we could of ever thought it to be. As to the humans going on other planets what I have gathered this has exchange program has been going on begining in the year of 1936 or 37. I could tell you numerous things I have found out on my own and again personal studies, etc. Again thank you for the postings also those so-called Mar current situation look at the back ground mountions they sure look fake! Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

Wednesday, August 15, 2012, 21:40:23
According to Wingmakers
"The controllers in America lusted after landing a man safely on the moon. They knew no such landing was possible with the current technology, even the ones allowed them from the various alien factions. The band of highly radioactive particles would also be a barrier to any foolhardy venturer without adequate protection. The first moon landing was staged for the public. The clandestine and highly secretive controllers made a deal with a race of beings, later to be known as Tall Whites, to "assist" the next moon flights because another faked landing might not be pulled off so nicely as the first. The Tall whites agreed and the next subsequent flights were given outside "alien" assistance. Those Draco- Saurian inhabitants did not like the arrangement but agreed for only a limited number of landings. The controllers made sure that only a primitive technology was allowed to be seen on television. The Tall Whites routinely land their craft in an area outside the Nellis Test Range in Nevada and work clandestinely with high military and civilian officials. This alien race, (Tall Whites) is more advanced than and feared by the so-called "grays" or rather the life forms that control the worker / slave drones called the "grays". The Tall Whites are not the friends of humanity as many believe."

Wednesday, August 15, 2012, 21:15:57
Moon beings according to ufo contactee Alex Collier are very dangerous.
Upon arriving on the surface of the moon, the NSA astronauts, together with their tour guides, the Greys, were taken to the underground facilities where the remains and skeletons of Reptilian-like beings and human beings were found. Also, old Orion technology was discovered. This location has been identified by the Andromedans as underneath the crater named Jules Verne. The Andromedans say the size of this facility hidden under the hidden side of the moon is approximately the size of New York state.
These huge underground facilities contain large lakes, plant life of Earth, alien form manufacturing machinery, food storage facilities, and space craft hangers. Also, alien writing is to be witnessed on the walls in the hallways. The NSA astronauts also were shown eight vaults that were sealed, but information regarding their contents has not been disclosed to me. Artificial Terra environments are being created all the time to house and support hand-picked personnel by the World Government.
The human leader of this base or facility is called Mr. Secretary. The Moon now houses approximately 36,719 human beings from Earth, a small colony; only Aryans by birth. According to the work that is being done above and underground to expand the facilities, the Andromedans foresee a population of 600,000 in the very near future. Much contact is taking place on the moon between regressive aliens and World Order humans.
Currently, the World Order has fifty-three Earth built UFO type space craft on the moon. Also, other weapons beings built on the moon are particle beam weapons, lasers, nuclear bomb satellites, and anti-matter weapon systems. Anti-gravity anomalies on Earth were used to send equipment and hardware to the Moon. Pine Gap, Australia and Diego Garcia Island in the Indian Ocean were the primary launching areas. Also, Siberia in Russia is another location.
There is an atmosphere on the far side of the Moon being created on the surface for extended habitation. There is also water, lakes, and vegetation. They are literally turning it into a habitable colony. From there, the World Government decided to go to Mars in March of 1959. This ultra secret space program was developed and launched largely from the Soviet Union, simply because of its natural resources and size.
They could virtually do everything in secret. Upon first arriving on the moon, the World Order astronauts, with help from the Grays, reopened the ancient underground facility. We've had a working colony on the moon since 1961 according to the Andromedans.
When the Apollo astronauts landed on the moon, the World Order had been there for some time. This knowledge and technology was withheld from the lower levels of NASA and our military. NASA has been used as a blind to keep the people from truly knowing what was going on our there. The astronauts were silenced under threats and they remain so today.

Jerry Eugene Biddle Saturday, August 11, 2012, 21:30:13
Thank you for reading my postings, I'll try to answer you're several questions. My abduction, they made it so I wouldn't remember, I have had some flash-backs in the past. The aliens looked like grays. As to the ones looking like humans, they didn't want to tell me for several reasons I'll give them to you: My telephone and email are tapped for starters, also they are here for a purpose which I tried to dig this out of them but they would by pass my questions. I can tell you this what I have figured out on my own, one looked like a son or younger brother of Dr. Frank Stranges friend who was a guest at the Pentigon he had dark black hair and looked like he was in his 30's this alien again looked like his either could be brother or son, about 5'8" light complexion, light gray colored eyes, cold to the touch his body temp was colder then a human. He only required 3 1/2 hours of sleep, I only had contact with him once because of our mutual religion, you need to flash back to some of my older posting, I get into more detail on this, the others were different they were tall about 6ft and normal body temp in case you're wondering hand shakes, humor some what different all business they seem to be interested in me again read the postings down below. You ask very good questions which by the way I'm wondering the same things again, if you read my prior postings this might answer some of you're questions. Both the USA Government and these exchange aliens are very secretive about the questions you have presented to me. Why? This could have several reasons I'll give you my ideas on this: For security so as not to have them abducted either by humans or bad aliens, also non on my busienss we're here on business only and even though we like you we are not alowed to tell you things. One tried and they called him in the Mission Office (LDS Church) for 2 hours gave him the ride act so as not to talk to me (Jerry) they brought in a young MIB to answer the telephone and this young MIB wanted to be my friend but to be honest with you some thing told me NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! He looked some like the one I just talked about the one with dark hair. The guest in the USA told the governments he was from the planet Venus, but they indicated they live in the planet no on the planet similar to hollow earth idea. They had weird names which I believe was made up I'll give you one only because of the circumstances, I believe you'll agree with this, his name was Walldrop any way that's what they called him that was his last name didn't hear the first name. They do not eat human food, I have 3 book publishers wanting me to write a book, but several reason for me not doing this are: I don't have enough information, I believe the Government wouldn't let the book be published, it might cause some bad effects if these aliens are good ones. Again read my former postings. This might give you more insights, to you're good questions. Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

koshka Saturday, August 11, 2012, 13:58:14
Did they abduct you? How they call themselves? Where are their bases?

Jerry Eugene Biddle Wednesday, August 8, 2012, 18:03:08
Human looking aliens living amoung us. Yes, I have met 6 of them very human looking but lack humor and for the most part they don't laugh a form of laughing and humor much different then humans. They seem to be all business. Why they are here I haven't figured this out yet. I get the impression it has some thing to do in the near or distant future. Keep in mind several past Presidents in the USA have stated that THEY are the ones in charge. It does give this impression, yes I would agree. Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

Wednesday, August 8, 2012, 17:50:22
Human looking aliens living among us

Jerry Eugene Biddle Monday, August 6, 2012, 11:39:09
This planet is called PLANET X they have talked about it on the Coast to Coast Show in the past. Russia several years ago thought this might be heaven. Time shall tell. Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

Saturday, August 4, 2012, 17:26:58
The Invasion Centre
"There is a planet that has six times the Earth's volume and has beings outwardly similar to Man. Their technology is artificial, and has been perfected far beyond the technology of our Earth. Life on this planet was created by an element of the Universe which believe itself to be on a par with God, and striving for predominance over God's creations."
"In the history of the Earth there have been two comings, or invasions, on their part. Now they are preparing for a third. They think a favorable moment for that is once more approaching."

Saturday, August 4, 2012, 16:59:36
Lyran invasion of Atlantis
"Shortly after Thoth's arrival in Atlantis, there was a major breach in Earth's atmospheric time-space continuum during which a group of beings who had originally invaded Orion from the Lyran system arrived on Earth. Lucifer was leading them and helped them both create the breach and penetrate it afterward. This was accomplished by intense, high-frequency transmissions into Earth's atmosphere from outside the solar ring, followed by immediate transport of a ship through the breach it had created. The Orion beings, or Lyrans, With Lucifer's help, had mastered "no-time-and-space" travel, enabling them to project through the breach within seconds of its cre­ation, before they could be stopped. Their interaction with Earth was inevitable at some point in time due to karmic connections between the Lyrans, Lucifer, and some of the humans on Earth. They landed in Atlantis as preplanned, because it was the place most conducive to their purpose. Immediately, they began to indoctrinate the Atlanteans with their "superior" knowledge of technology. The Atlanteans had taken pride in being the most evolved race on Earth at that time, and they were always searching for new areas of mas­tery. The Lyrans manipulated them with promises of unlimited power, technology, influence, and with demonstrations of Lyran "superiority" via technology, psychic control, and intelligence. The Atlanteans were promised that they could have those abilities, too, if they welcomed the Lyrans and allowed them to infiltrate their cul­ture. Many Atlanteans were immediately distrustful of the Lyrans and discerned the spiritual trap that was being set. Others were more gullible and hungry for power and supremacy and welcomed the Lyrans wholeheartedly."

Ugne Domeikyte 2012 m. rugpjūčio 1 d., trečiadienis, 13:45:09
Dear representatives of the Lira, Annuaki, Scandinavians,
and I will appeal to readers of the page or the next, and i led the rusi (our so-called newcomers) is Lira. Great Land you now as shit steam is worth, because you helped us from the very beggining, perhaps even created us, you give us a lot.And earth people from the land of the country America-US treaded you when you wanted as always to help us, to help save the Earth, but those few people talking for us all, even with grey consisted after your warning!Bnd with them was easier path, and easier is not always better. I don't even know what I am doing now, I am writing this letter in the hopes that you read online reports about the newcomers, I pray you to read this mesage! I'm going mad, me probably wants to kidnap ' the grey ones ' (the whole evening to me personally monitor (its not he only evening), personally fear, after the atrocities committed not logical how much time I felt like me against my will, for instance, would be made me com or told and forgotten, but I didin't forget, remember that fear, and by night during the sleeping of the same house where I was shouted grandfather and brother:they were in different rooms:) in my daydream that was once the land of the people finally wake up and would work with other species, we would help each other , get to interact with you and other species, but suddenly I felt like a shit steam worth when I learned that a few people representatives from America-USA you issued and not yet concluded the Union with ' Grey's ' and that's what I want you to say: there's only a few of us, and not all wish to such a Union. I don't want to! I'll tell you I totally believe that the Earth is full of people who don't want Union with ' Grey's ' we had no choice, for the whole of our kind of decided to just a few people, we want you! I want to meet with you, not saying that fear not, I am afraid, very afraid, but I don't want to what is now going on, I am sure that we could work together very much, we have put together and we will destroy the grey meaning in Earth ' influence on the Earth, we would help Earth from diying, I hope that you will find this very message, I will rewrite it in many languages. You are our parents, our parents and us finance supported by the guardians and loving creators. We need you, I need you. Although it has been said that you are tight and that people in ancient times was a littlebit afraid of you,but I'm sure that if you would show up to me and if you and a lot of people could work together I hope I get a hug with you. I know I'm very strange, but I want to hug you. But fear not, as that does not mean I want to become a lawyer, I want to write a series of books,I want to ride horses, I want to accept a number of important people to me, and I'm afraid for the whole this it won't happen, and if I try to forget you I would live bad feeling all my life, but anyway I'm ready to do all this what I writed here ,I so wish that you have read this message.

Jerry Eugene Biddle Tuesday, July 31, 2012, 02:37:58
Read my prior postings about drought, wild fires, low rivers and this list goes on and on as I stated THEY told me if the nations, countries and the like didnt' listen it would have bad results so now people, you're seeing what has been happening. Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Thursday, July 26, 2012, 03:25:48
Thank you again for reading my numerous postings, I believe by sheer accident found out how the reptilian aliens are going to take over, they have started this some time ago! Simple abduct the real person and then replace them with another. This was done on several one you'll remember Philip McKeon on the former show Allice he killed himself back in the latter 80's on that other side he is the younger brother of sister Nancy Facts of life. On this side he's the older brother of Nancy what is weird my readers regardless the four of them look just like each other! They have started this with my older brother son who again killed himself back in 1983 now this other guy is using his name but instead of spelling Brain with an I he spells his with Bryan L. Biddle look it up for yourself under people find. I turned this over to the FBI in my state I live in wow this was a month ago and I still haven't heard any thing regarding this not my older brother's son. Jerry Eugene Biddle from the USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Tuesday, July 17, 2012, 05:32:01
People who read my postings I'm going to tell you some thing I never ever thought I'd be saying this is what I have to say: On Coast to Coast Show with George Noory he has made several remarks and has said numerous times what has went wrong? (!) Yes, George you're correct I'm 70 years old, I have been studying UFO Flying Saucers for 65 years now. I have in the last few years noticing what George Noory is saying which is this my posting readers some thing isn't RIGHT! Say some thing and bunkers or bingo I'll shoot you or I hit you or etc. People it hasn't always been this way! The stuff I see on television I would of never dream of several years ago! Why? I believe I have the answers to this: Movies that are being produce along with television programs, the junk they put in the food, also it's like a radio message that only the sub-mind can pick up, I could go on and on, what I have read this is what happened in great flood, also Sodom and etc, kill first ask questions later. Then we could ask who is behind this and why? Simple: The bad aliens which are called reptilian aliens why? Give enough time and mankind shall kill themselves off! Why should we do the dirty work. Also children are really starting to come up missing in the area I live in USA yes but my area which I reside in this is happened they have had several attemps to abduct the children but they had brains enough run and tell the parents! This has happened several times last month by the way! Also they are making claim that a false Jesus Christ is going to come and try and fool all of us! Duh this has already happened in Africa several years ago this black guy could even rase the dead did the general public fall for this? NOOOOOOOOO! Don't sell the good humans and good aliens short yet folks! I strongly believe that this bad stuff shall come to an end and the bad guys are not going to win! They think they are but again I don't see this happening. Just read and watch and be careful! Don't fall for stuff! Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Thursday, July 12, 2012, 21:21:24
First off thank you for reading my postings. I read you're postings also and find them interesting. I want to warn you all who read my postings. On the Coast to Coast Show some of the guest are saying aliens and others are our best friends. Yes, a few but not all! DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! IF, repeat if they all loved humans and good aliens why do so many children and adults come up missing per day, week, month and year! (?) Read my postings down below regarding this situation. Why all the big secrets? (!) No, I do not believe the governments are going to tell the real truth. Remember this stuff has been going on for several years now! Some of the people wanting to know the truth are long gone in death. So, the purpose of this posting is don't buy every thing you read or hear rather this being the guest on Coast to Coast Show or what ever keep an open mind on this! Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Monday, June 25, 2012, 10:00:06
Read my former posting as to tornados, remember I'm not the one saying these things rather it was Frank Edwards Flying Saucers Serious Business. What I can tell you this, who or what ever gave me detail instructions on how to stop floodings and droughts wild fires, low rivers and etc. THEY told me if mankind mainly the governments would of taken on this task they would of given me details on how to stop tornados and etc. Also THEY indicated this would help the econemy by creating numerous jobs and related. Jerry Eugene Biddle from the USA area

Jerry Eugene Biddle Friday, June 15, 2012, 22:05:06
We only have about 6 months before all of these so-called huge repeat hugh things hit the earth you'll remember that so-called 2012 stuff! As I have stated in previous postings I don't believe it! Show me attitude I have taken. What I think is this for you that read my postings: As to God more questions and more to this subject then we all know! As to the reptilian aliens that bunch that eat humans again more to this then we all know! As to Heaven and life after death again huge questions. Reincarnation subject really alot of huge questions. I believe that these subjects are very important to us rather then things like Justin Bieber has a new hair style or I wonder what the royal family William baby is going to have blonde hair or not. Some time ago several years I believe over 8 years I was given by higher intelligent beings how to stop wild fires, drought maying the economy better, etc, did any body in the governments contact me asking for details and similar things? NO! Not even the media! No one was interested they like us having floods, wild fires, drought bankrupts and the like! This isn't fair to the average person! Ask those involved in having homes flooded or burned out by wild forest fires, etc. Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Saturday, June 9, 2012, 22:47:39
I know this might sound like a dumb question, but I'm I missing some thing here? Numerous ad's on this hand bag, is it some type of a hidden message about UFO's/aliens? Some type of a coded message? If it is, please let the rest of us know if at all posible! I thought maybe I'm wrong this sight was for UFO's and aliens, but gee maybe I'm reading the headings wrong! (?) Maybe this thing called bag means the UFO itself and maybe you can buy and wear it means those abducted,could be maybe might be?? (!) Any way please advise thank you in advance for doing this to us readers of the postings. Jerry Eugene Biddle from the USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Sunday, May 27, 2012, 03:49:11
The other night on the Coast to Coast Show with John B Wells his guest stated that the reptilian aliens are losing their war if that is what one wants to call it, either way I have heard this same story numerous times in fact if you do you're research you'll note that they have more aliens of the reptilian type then long ago, note that children and some adults are still missing they have been trying in Iowa near the greater Des Moines, Iowa area (children) with vans and other types of cars. They use them for slave labor and then food. I hope the guest on Coast to Coast Show is correct but again I have read this and too heard this so many times now. What I have read this has been going on now for several thousands of years now. Read my older postings regarding on this subject. Jerry Eugene Biddle from USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Tuesday, May 22, 2012, 05:27:35
About you're grandfather Jesse Marcel Sr. I would hear numerous times on the Coast to Coast Show first with Art Bell then and now George Noory. Thank God in Heaven they had people like you're late Grandfather,people like him opened the huge doors regarding the truths about UFO's/aliens. I want to take this time to thank him in the way of telling you his love ones and too family. Yes, I knew about him! I started my interest in the subject along with my late mother at the age of 5 years old in 1947 been doing research ever since. You can read my numerous postings down below. Jerry Eugene Biddle from the USA

Ciantar Sunday, May 20, 2012, 15:53:42
Great Job.
In memory of our Grandfather, Jesse Marcel Sr., we thought a social network site would be a great way for people to share their experiences with the paranormal. For those of you who do not know who he was, he was the first military officer at the scene of a UFO crash in Roswell, New Mexico, commonly referred to as the “Roswell Incident”. This incident set the stage for UFO enthusiasts and Paranormal Investigators around the world to start the questioning, “what is the truth”, “are we alone” “what is our government not telling us”, “what is it that goes bump in the night?” It is has become a part of our everyday culture. Since our father Jesse Marcel Jr., also knew the truth, (after all, his father showed him pieces of the UFO wreckage at the age of 9) he became fascinated with astronomy.
Please tell us your story about <a herf="">UFO</a>.

Jerry Eugene Biddle Wednesday, May 16, 2012, 01:16:38
On the internet Micheal Jackson's brother indicates that the government had Mike killed because of what he knew about UFO/aliens. I have studied this subject as indicated in my numerous postings. NO! The government nor the MIB's or aliens are not interested in one Micheal Jackson! Why? Because he Jackson has not a think to either offer them, or he doesn't have a history of doing extensive research on the subject! We all know the details and rumors of him with little boys. Reptilian have an interest in both little boys and girls for food only! I hope and pray that some day the reptilians are removed from earth as Elohim and others want this to be the case! Jerry Eugene Biddle from USA

Jerry Eugene Biddle Friday, May 11, 2012, 13:23:35
On the Coast to Coast Show the other night, they had a guest who seems to think that the governments especially the USA is going to tell the truth regarding UFO aliens and related. This is like that Harold Camping telling it shall be all over on May the 21st as we know and too in my prior postings I indicated that this too wouldn't happen. No, the governments are not going to tell the truth as I have again posted in prior postings as to why and the how comes. It isn't good for the most part. Jerry Eugene Biddle United States

Jerry Eugene Biddle Thursday, October 13, 2011, 00:50:53
Last night on Coast to Coast Show had two guest both of which are making claim that the UFO/aliens are real nice guys and that the Federation would never let bad aliens do bad things! Why then Coast to Coast Show do we have over 200 thousand people in the USA and other countries abducted never to be seen again! (?) Then this why have they seen mutilated human bodies the same way they see cattle, cats, dogs, etc. Yes, I'll agree not all aliens are bad but give me a break some of the reptilian are and some grays are not the good guys folks. Jerry from the DSM, IA area

Jerry Eugene Biddle Wednesday, October 5, 2011, 06:04:19
I heard last night on the Coast to Coast Show the horrable things that some of the Native Americans seem to think is going to happen to both the West Coast and the East Coast. I might be wrong, but I do not believe this is going to happen! Why? Some time ago on the CtoCShow a young guy from Australia told then either George Noory or Art Bell that a huge meter from outer space was headed towards them, 5 UFO's lined up in a straight line and using the advanced weapon zapped this would be hit! The UFO's either have humans interest because they might like humans or they do not want any thing happen to the human (farm animals) I just hope it's the first one. So, my point is this, if they do this much they just might help on the ocean waters from flooding the USA remember I have posted some time ago, about THEY gave me complete details on how to stop all of the flooding, wild fires, drought and etc. Again, I got zero interest. If the governments would of taken these instructions, seriously they were going to give me information on how to stop tornados. Again readers of this post some one wants you as humans asses dead. Jerry Eugene Biddle from the greater Des Moines, Iowa area

K Monday, October 3, 2011, 01:45:39
The AIDS-ET Connection Hypothesis

Jerry Eugene Biddle Thursday, September 29, 2011, 05:01:16
The year of 2012 is coming close to us, but if I was a betting individual I'd say it's just another 2000 Y2K deal. Remember this thing and I do say thing. I think it shall be business as usual. Yes, I agree more tornados, more floods, and etc. I strongly believe the aliens UFO type are not going to let the human race go down! They need humans for severa reasons, food for them and slaves and God only knows what else. Some aliens are good, few, I have met them in the past. They have a strong interest in yours truly. I think I know but I do not have enough facts yet to write a book and etc. Jerry Eugene Biddle from DSM, IA area

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Jerry Eugene Biddle Saturday, May 14, 2011, 06:16:03
I was looking on the internet last night which would of made this Thursday night, they told that some good aliens after numerous things shell happen to earth they'll help what remanding humans ways of how to be closer to God and earth. I believe this sounds good only if they get rid of the bad aliens like the grays and the bad reptilians. Then and only then shall all the so-called good things happen to earth. Right now I know strange not so good things are currently hitting earth like flooding and numerous tornados. These bad things have been going on for many, many years now. What I also have noticed in the research that bad aliens have been here on earth for several thousands of years. Yes it would be good to get rid of them and some bad humans this I agree. Let us hope this comes to past some day in the future. Jerry Biddle from the Des Moines, Iowa area

Jerry Eugene Biddle Saturday, April 30, 2011, 02:33:38
Yes, I know I told all of you who read my postings about things like what was given to me, I have reference to the stop floodings, droughts, wild fires and remember reading those postings on previous down below this one some time ago long before we started having those EF5 Tornados. Remember I told you the readers of my postings that IF the governments would of only listened and started this huge big project of the huge pumps and huge motors besides pumping stations not only would the earth benefit from this but too, THEY would of given instructions on how to stop tornados! The people who lost life, family and houses, etc, would of been more the glad to have tornados stopped. What I gathered when THEY showed me how this would of been done it was on a flat bed truck with one of those huge big radar reflectors aming at the tornados. Again all of this was given to me in color it wasn't like a dream stage very different more like a movie 35mm type. Again some one on earth doesn't want humans to have a good life rather death, drought and numerous other things that kill or destroy ones good life on earth. As to Family Radio stating that May the 21st of this year being some thing special and then on October the 22nd of this year all hell breaks out I think judging by the huge EF5 tornados they are a little bit too late on the dating. Jerry Eugene Biddle, from the greater Des Moines, Iowa area USA

Jerrry Eugene Biddle Sunday, April 24, 2011, 23:37:16
Thank you for reading my comments those who have read them. I'm going to share some information which you'll not like along time a go a book was written by the late Frank Edwards the book was called Flying Saucers Serious business in his book he described what we today are seeing which is this: Train accidents numerous, same for air plans, ships, etc, (wild fires, droughts, etc) also things like tornados, I could go on and on about what he stated in the 3rd Edition book. I have told this in emailings to George Noory who is the host on Coast to Coast Show. He too knows this. Some of the internet has stated that he works for the CIA I myself I don't think so even if he does work for the CIA and is helping give out information I still like him and respect him for what he is doing. I myself has had a lot of weird things happen to me in regards to UFO's/aliens. Aliens that look like humans but are very much different in respects to the body temp, humor and ideals. They remind me of German army men of WW II so, it hurts but its for the best attitude. I like them for the most part but I think they are hidding some thing which I would like to know. My telephone and my emailing address are both tapped, I heard this from reliable sources some time ago. I believe they are monitoring my experiences with the subject dealing with aliens and related factors. I wrote under the freedom of information act some time ago. What a joke, sure they told me several things you bet. I'd win the Power Ball Lottery sooner then the government telling me things about myself. I believe they do not want others to know the truth in regards to certain factors mainly myself Jerry. Thank you again for reading my materials that I try to present to all of you. One thing I do find funny about humans they really put a lot of attention on singers, actors, etc, this puts up a red flag with me because this is the same thing they did during the depression years. They would get a 5 cents or 10 cents and you'd find them in the local movies watching it I believe it get ones mind off of the current circumstances. Movies, music is okay but I strongly feel that humans should pay close attention on what is currently happening I feel it is more important then living in a dream world. This is what the bad reptilian, grays and other bad aliens want. Thank you again for reading my numerous comments. Jerry Eugene Bidde, from the greater Des Moines, Iowa area

Jerry Eugene Biddle Des Moines, Iowa Wednesday, April 20, 2011, 06:34:54
Thank you for reading my messages that I have posted all these years and months. Its time to tell you some thing: Soon shall be 8 years ago I had contact with an tall gray lady alien who's planet is on the other side of our sun. She along with some other good aliens gave me full instructions on how to stop those wild fires, drought, floodings and by having the governments on earth doing this joint project I was told that this would create a good economy and too create numerous jobs world wide. If this wasn't good enough, they told me if the governments would listen to this huge undertaking they would give instructions on how to stop tornados. Each times the instructions were giving in color and in complete details. I wrote to the mass news media and too the governments, USA, China and Russia what type of responce did I get! (?) Yup you guested it THE BIG HUGE ZERO! I have been given some serious thought on this and too I have read that a bunch of bad aliens want humans and good aliens, along with animals dead. After this circumstances I'm starting to believe it. As to Bush, Clinton and our current President Obama we can not blame them because as they have stated THEY tell them what to do and how to do! I have communication with friendly aliens in the past they are very serious on several issues and they seem to have a high opinion of me. As to the Coast to Coast Show I was told by the same alien lady dressed in a a dark blue uniform not to believe every thing one hears on this program. My personal feelings on this Coast to Coast Show as I have told numerous times to one George Noory it is the best thing that has ever hit the air waves. Back in the year of 1975 I almost started a program similar to this format but the former KIOA Radio Station took on a sports show which was a dud instead it didn't last! So KIOA AM 940 Could of been the starter of the paranormal show like Coast to Coast Show. I have met as stated several young aliens they are all business they do not laugh like a human does and their humor is different almost as dry as English (England) humor I'd say English was more funny. As time goes by I'm going to start and tell you all of you who read these postings I put up and I want to thank you for the good comments that some of you have sent to my emailing and posted above my remarks. Yes, God which He goes by the name of Elohim He is going to do some thing in the very near future to these bad aliens. How do I know I have heard and read and been told enough to start to see the pattern on this situation. Thank you again for reading this. Jerry Eugene Biddle, Des Moines, Iowa

Jerry Eugene Biddle Tuesday, April 12, 2011, 20:16:43
So, the FBI are finally telling that Roswel incident did happen even though later years J. Edgar Hoover wrote me back a letter and stated that Flying Saucers are not real there weather balloons, etc. See another lie with our governments. Again as I have told one George Noory the Coast to Coast Show started by the former Art Bell is the best thing that hit the air waves. Why don't they tell the truth regarding aliens and UFO's simple! They abduct kill and eat children and some adults now the big question is where is angels and God why do they let this circumstances happen? This is happening while I'm typing all of you what I have read and learned. Yes, I know not all UFO/aliens are bad some have had the same problem with bad aliens thousands of years ago like we here on earth have had. Maybe just maybe they might help us. No, I do not believe Obama is an alien rather a human being who came into a hornest nest called the White House. I do have some thing to tell all of you some time ago I was given instructions on how to stop flooding, drought and wild fires, I spent a lot of time typing letters to the Governments, news media and etc, not a trace of interest because people they want you're little asses dead! If they would of took an interest they who ever gave me instructions told me the next thing was how to stop tornados. I believe Iowa and Texas etc would of liked to hear this one stopping tornados. Jerry Eugene Biddle from the greater Des Moines, Iowa area

Jerry Eugene Biddle Tuesday, March 1, 2011, 23:24:06
We're in the month of March come May the 21st of this year as Harold Camping Family Radio from Oakland California has stated the end shall come. People! I have studied the Bible for several years now, along with the subject of UFO/aliens. The reptilian aliens are not going to let this farm called earth be destroyed! Why? Does a farmer let the live stock he has a huge investment in get destroyed not if he can help it he doesn't! The same thing regarding the planet earth! Every day some one mainly children get abducted! The FBI tries to find them but most likely it is in vain! (?) Why? Because they are going to be used for slave labor and too food for the reptilians down below. When I found this out by using the internet some time ago it all started to make sence! On the Coast to Coast Show they have had guest stating that a huge astro shall hit the earth! Again! The UFO/aliens are not going to let this happen! About six years ago down under a guy called into CtoCS and told about an astro coming towards earth, he stated five huge UFO's standing side by side hit this would be astro and thus it didn't hit the planet earth. Again, they are protecting the live stock mainly humans! Why? Like a farmer protects his live stock! I just hope that not all aliens are bad and some of them like and love humans. Jerry Eugene Biddle from the greater Des Moines, Iowa area

Jerry Eugene Biddle Monday, January 17, 2011, 21:08:46
I received an email last week from an individual thinking that I worked for this paticular UFO sight no, I don't work for any UFO group or similar organizations. I do have a deep respect for this paticular UFO sight. So many groups or organizations I've notice in my numerous studies of UFO paranormal studies are mainly interested in selling books making personal tours. Yes, I like listening to these individuals mainly on the Coast to Coast Show when it first came out with Art Bell now taken over by three starting with George Noory. I have told one George Noory that the CtoCS is the best thing that has ever hit the air waves. Along with this paticular UFO sight. Not all things one hears or reads is correct but after a while if one really studies the paranorma one can start figuring out who is correct and who isn't I have tried to tell all of you who read my sights the truth and what I know with the best of my knowledge. Some things I have found out in my personal life would be shocking to all of you. I'm currently trying to figure out several things regarding myself. If I feel all of you need to know I'll post this information. I want to thank this paticular posting for letting not only myself but letting others do the same. Jerry Eugene Biddle, Post Office Box 4012, Des Moines, Iowa 50333-4012

Jerry Eugene Biddle Saturday, January 1, 2011, 15:58:30
2011 still abducting people still abducting children same old same old stuff, people thinking the end of the world in May the 22nd of this year same old wars and wars yet reptilian aliens are loving it that is to say love eating humans. WAKE UP PEOPLE SOME THING ISN'T RIGHT.

jose lay Wednesday, December 29, 2010, 21:32:16
I am a member of Chile CEFAA (official government office for the study of Unidentified Aerial Phenomena).
I would like to have contact with your organization.
I saw your page and it is very nice.
Our web page: you are welcome to visit.
Best regards
Jose Lay
Cefaa International Relations
another mail you can reach me:

2010 m. lapkričio 28 d., sekmadienis, 21:38:17
One of the most significant years in numerology is the year 2012
A.D. That is because that is the date that the Mayans predicted
that the world would end.
Even people who do not know a lot about Mayan astrology have heard
this theory that the year 2012 will bring the apocalypse. It is
supposed to end on December 21st at 11:11 am. This is a date that
has always significant to theorists, physicist, astrologers,
historians and numerologists as the year signifies the end of the
thirteen cycle that make up what is known as the Mayan Long Count
The Mayan Calendar contains both components of astrology and
numerology. The people that belonged to this ancient civilization
of Central America were adept pampers and trackers of the heavens.
The massive temples that were built by this early civilization were
not just tombs or places to worship the Gods. They were also built
to be giant observatories of the heavens.
These temples were architecturally designed so that the movements
of the planets, the sun, the moon and the stars could be tracked.
The majestic structures that the ancient Mayans built were not just
places of worship. They were centers of astronomic studies that
also did dual duty as temples of worship. Some temples even had
cut-outs in their stones in the shapes of snakes. As the sun would
raise, these cut out shapes would cast lengthening shadows in the
shape of snakes down the temple steps. From a distance it would
seem that a real snake was slithering down the steps. When the
snake shadow lengthened so that it reached the bottom of the steps
it marked a day. One whole day in the Mayan calendar was called a
Many ancient civilizations in Africa and the Far East developed
calendars based on a 20 unit mathematical system and coincidentally
so did the Mayan civilization.
In essence the Long Count system nested cycles of days based on the
number 20. Every unit of time in the calendar was based somehow
out of that unit of 20.
Twenty days was called a Uinal. 7200 days was called a Katun and
144,000 days was called a Baktun. The Mayan year consisted of 360
days and was called a Tun. This calendar was a little shorter than
ours in terms of year length because it was only 360 days. Those
360 days were in turn divided into units of twenty days.
The reason that ancient Mayan year was a little bit shorter than
our current calendar of 365 years is that it was based on the
astral cycles of Venus. The ancient Mayans knew that whenever this
shining celestial body was close to the earth that it seemed to
bring good times. Of course today we would note this knowing that
the planet Venus is associated in astrology with love and
blessings. The planet Venus also has cycles that are the equivalent
in length to the number twenty.
This Long Count system of measuring time was first put into
practice by the Mayans around 32 B.C. The reason that it was
called The Long Count is because the Mayans, who were quite dark
spiritually, believed that the end of the world must happen. In
fact it was something to look forward to, because life was believed
tobe easier after that.
In essence the Mayan Long Count is the countdown to the eventual
and unavoidable apocalypse that would bring the end of the world.
The high priests and shamans in the Mayan culture figured out that
the Long Count which is supposed to equal 5125.36 days.
This number of days is also known as the Mayan Great Cycle. This
passage of time ends exactly on the winter solstice. Amazingly the
Mayan mathematicians were able to pinpoint the exact day and time
that the world will end in the future and that is on December 21st
2012. Just as a matter of interest they also believed that the
world was conceived on August 13th.
There is actual astrological and astronomical data to back up the
theory of the Mayan Long Count, and there are things happening in
the sky that day that could potentially bring the end of the world!
Astrologically this date is important as this marks the date when
the Sun is going to cross what is astronomically known as the Milky
Way Equator. The Mayans were absolutely incredible mathematicians
and they could predict centuries into the future when it came to
predicting the trajectory of the Sun.
Further here is a lot of imagery representing the Milky Way in
works of art done by the Mayans. The sea of stars of the Milky Way
is essential to the Mayan myth of the Sacred Tree.
In many of these drawings the sun is symbolized as a canoe
that carries Mayan deities across the sky. In many drawings on
temple walls there is a progressive series of images that shows the
end of the world as symbolized by the canoe sinking into the Milky
Way. < ... >

Jerry Biddle Friday, November 26, 2010, 22:06:11
It sure doesn't look good for aliens, if what I hear on the Coast to Coast Show and what I have read on the internet the only reason the aliens come from light years away planets is for one thing! Collect food mainly humans for food! Also they don't seem to respect the humans God/Jesus Christ because the tall whites kill first even if you look at their children in what they seem to think is a bad way! Why don't they kill the reptilian first and do us humans a huge favor! On this situation too many questions not enough answers. Jerry from the Des Moines, Iowa area

Jerry Biddle Des Moines, Iowa Friday, November 19, 2010, 22:32:59
I was listening to Coast to Coast Show last night and they told all of us some thing I told you and some local newspapers last night they talked about this planet on the other side of our sun. I had a few years ago communication with a female tall gray alien from this planet. Look back on this and you'll see that I told all of you. About the world coming to a huge change in 2012 I'm going to do an extensive research and communication again with relable aliens to find out if this is the case. Jerry Biddle from the Des Moines, Iowa area

Friday, October 22, 2010, 15:40:44
The cabal planed to destroy lunar colony of star visitors, living within Cabeus crater, under the false guise of looking for water on the moon which has been found a long time ago.

999 Thursday, October 21, 2010, 23:19:23
Some information I've crossed from two very different sources speak of a future Earth facing the challenge of a flesh eating race.
A youtube interview with Al Bielek regarding his experience with the Philadelphia experiment and time travelling to the year 2137- he mentioned that the people caring for him in hospital called themselves the Wingmakers and when asked about what brought on the reduction of the human population he was told of a flesh eating alien race.
Now there is a with loads of materials, writings art poetry and music it seems created to activate our genetic encodings. It suggests that there are physical sites around the globe today that have been created by our future time travelling selves called the Wingmakers. These sites are to be revealed over time and the art and information enclosed to be released in attempt to ensure our survival.
In the Wingmakers Neruda interview 1 online there is mentioning of a predator race:
"The messages or prophecies (made by a variety of people who are, for the most part, unknown or anonymous) that they made had several consistent strands or themes that were to occur in the early part of the twenty-first century, around the year 2011. Chief among these was the infiltration of the major governments of the world, including the United Nations, by an alien race. This alien race was a predator race with extremely sophisticated technologies that enabled them to integrate with the human species. That is to say, they could pose as humanoids, but they were truly a blend of human and android -- in other words, they were synthetics."

The Animus, part of the mythological expression of Lucifer or evil incarnate. "They operate in conjunction with organizations bent on the control of Earth and her inhabitants. They are not exclusively extraterrestrial; they are among us." .."by the standards of good and evil they are evil because they believe in the supremacy of the mind and its abilities to engineer social and economic outcomes for their benefit by manipulating the masses of humanity and exploiting the planet's resources"

a passage from the Liminal Cosmogony: "When the Animus believe they are entering the mansion of earth, using keys of the intellect, the Tribe of Light will enter through the back door, sealing the entryway and windows with a frequency that no intellect can unlock. The Animus will struggle to prevail, but having hearts that have withered they are drawn to the lower fields prepared for them, while the mansion of earth graduates into a meadow of grace and calm from which the soul of man can rise."

Jerry Eugene Biddle Saturday, October 9, 2010, 05:35:46
Now you tell me!(?)They make claim that the Tall White Aliens in the Western part of USA believe in the human God/Jesus Christ yet, repeat yet if an adult even gets too close to their children what does the believing bunch do to this individual? Kill him of course! This sounds more like what a dumb animal would do! Kill first and maybe ask questions later! Yet the cousin of these so-called Whites the Grays abduct and kill children for food along with reptilians. Yet these so-called Tall Whites do they care what happens to human children? Nooooo, if they respect children so much why don't they help humans fight against this stuff worse as the Nazis did to Jews and others during World War II! Again, too many questions not enough answers. I have met aliens who look human but they seem to like and respect humans this is how it should be! Maybe just maybe the Tall Whites have stayed here too long now and its time for them, the grays and reptilians to leave! Been here way way too long! Oh they brag about on their planet they kill other animals because they might kill them then these wonder boys wonder why the planet they dicked up is desert! And then the wonder boys come here trying to poke their brain storm ideas upon us! Now read this and you tell me! Sure I'm glad they protect their children but first make sure that this individual means them harm! Give us a break! This is overly protection of its highest! I don't think these alien Tall Whites and myself would get along too well one reason I wouldn't be around them and too I wouldn't be sucking their ass! Get lost intuders go back to you're desert plant and leave earth alone! Jerry DSM, IA area

Marta Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 21:56:54
Love reading about the Kogi tribe,especially because I'm of Colombian descent and am super interested in activating my light body and helping empower others with knowledge so they too can benefit and make this world a better place by connecting with the Divine and evolve. We are constantly in a state of evolution and de-evolution and we can break this cycle with REVOLUTION of mind,body and spirit.
By the way, COLOMBIA is NOT spelled with a "U", writing precolumbian is correct because it is in reference to the time before Columbus re-discovering the Americas but when speaking of Colombia or of Colombian people it is correctly spelled with "O". Please edit this if you can on this fascinating page that I wish to share with my friends and family.
Most sincerely yours,