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Mysterious Circles in Lithuania, 2002  

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According to Lithuanian National TV news issue of May the 3rd, strange circles were found by the farmer Anicetas Bytautas in his meadows at Jurkupiai village, Rokiskis district (North-East of Lithuania).

About 50 cycles of various sizes appeared in grassland in early April this year. They have been seen at top and southern side of a hill. At the foot of the hill, other circles are forming still. The diameter of the biggest circle is 6 m. The outline of the cycle is about 20 cm and consists of more green and vegetative grass than inside or outside of cycles. Order of cycles is chaotic.

During his 10 years experience as a farmer, Bytautas formerly specialist in land-reclamation have never witnessed such phenomena.

Anicetas Bytautas in his meadow

Mr. Bytautas claims also that he've noticed another abnormality. There are still no parasites as flea-beetles common to the fields in that time of the year. 'When crop circles had happened at England, they had brought crazy cows. Would that happen here?' he seems worried about.

As he told about that uncommon phenomenon to the agriculture department of Rokiskis district, the news spread. A known astronomer, the director of Museum of ethno-cosmology, Gunaras Kakaras visited the site and found it rare and interesting. He supposed that some biological process stimulated grow of cocksfoot (orchard grass). He took samples of ground.

Anicetas denied guesses of neighbors that these circles were trampled by tethered cattle because diameters of circles are various too. More important, Anicetas had never pastured cattle in that meadow. Indeed, near-by farmers aren't interested into these circles very much, as his wife isn’t too. She is busy by housekeeping. However, somebody told to Anicetas that he had seen a similar phenomenon last year (in the same district), but not give much of importance to it.

The hill is about 200 m from the house of Anicetas. The farmer has the sober view of this phenomenon. He guesses about the underground water. He thinks the hills are connected by underground channels. He has dug the ground himself. It looks for him that at outlines the ground is harder and has more of clay. There wasn’t enough of humidity during this spring. So he guess that the humidity rise up by capillaries at these places. Anicetas is inclined to wait and don't pasture cattle until samples of ground will be examined.

The subject matter was covered by the leading Lithuanian daily and probably by the smaller newspapers. Lithuanian TV filmed the field from the plane.

The media agreed that there's no scientific explanations could be given to the phenomenon and the origin of grass cycles remains a mystery.

Pit at outliner
(C)2002, Algirdas Bastys

Prepared and translated by Cpt.Astera and Cpt.Astera's advisor

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    Pit at outliner
    (C)2002, Algirdas Bastys
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